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Get the answer you need, quickly and decisively. Respondents pick their favorite of 2 options and explain why.

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The most straightforward way to poll

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Same-day results unlike a typical A/B test

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Written comments with votes add context

When to use a Head-To-Head poll

Anytime you're comparing 2 options. It's that simple.

Break a tie

Your team is stuck between 2 designs. Step back and get unbiased feedback with a Head-to-head poll.

Finalize collateral

Run Head-to-head polls to fine-tune the details of your app icon, ad, logo, book cover, packaging, and more.

Uncover preferences

Get to know your audience by asking them to compare your product, photo, or design with your competitor's.

“I loved how easy was to do my website design tests and get a clear winner, quickly and cost effectively.”
Eduardo Alarcon
Founder, Larcons-Recruitment & Consulting

See how Head-To-Head polls can help

Whether you sell on Amazon, design mobile games, or publish content,
a Head-To-Head poll gives you the data to make the best decision.

Your poll immediately goes out to all respondents who meet your targeting criteria. They vote in real time on a first-come, first-served basis and send written responses explaining their choice. We score the 2 options by dividing the number of votes each receives by the total number of respondents. The option with the highest score wins.

A Head-To-Head poll is a simple 2-option poll. A Ranked poll compares 3 or more options at once, and respondents rank them in order of preference.

You'll start to get results within minutes. Polls usually finish that same day, in a few hours or less. The larger and more targeted your audience, the longer it takes to collect all the responses.

A tied poll could mean your audience saw very little difference between options. Or it could mean you have two equally appealing options. Either way, you have a lot of great insights to dig into. Read the comments to understand the split vote and where you can make changes. You might then run another Head-To-Head poll with more respondents and end up with a decisive winning option.

Your poll is priced per response, starting at $1 per response. The final cost depends on your poll format, audience size and targeting, and the number of options you test. Learn more on our Pricing page

You can upload images, GIFs, URLs, audio files, and videos to your poll. Read our image testing guide for a full list of image file types and extensions. Our video testing guide has a list of video and audio file formats.

We hold our respondent panel and ourselves to the highest standards and constantly work on the back end to maintain them. Between human quality checkers, machine learning, and our built-in feedback system, we can ensure that you get the most reliable feedback.

By the time you finish reading this, your Head-To-Head poll will already be collecting answers.

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