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Our Done-For-You services provide expert consumer research guidance, letting you focus on what you do best. From poll creation to image optimization, we do the work for you.

Poll creation


Not sure how to create the perfect poll? Let our experts handle it. We'll design the poll, phrase questions, and target the right audience to ensure your poll achieves optimal results. You get final approval before launch.

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Coaching call with John Aspinall


One-on-one coaching with our Brand Evangelist, John Aspinall. Benefit from his merchandising expertise and personalized guidance to elevate your market testing strategies.

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Image optimization


Enhance your product listings with expert image optimization. Our team will design, test, and refine your images to ensure they attract and convert your target audience. This all-inclusive service covers the cost of tests.

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Poll draft review


Get expert feedback on your poll or survey draft. Our team will review and suggest improvements for clarity, formatting, and effectiveness. We also help with question phrasing, audience selection, and translations. If no improvements are needed, you'll receive a credit for future use.

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Collage creation


Need to compare multiple images or showcase a series? Our collage creation service groups up to 9 of your images for Click Tests, carousels, or product variant comparisons, ensuring you get clear and actionable insights.

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Poll draft live consultation


Schedule a 30-minute consultation with our team. We'll help you build your poll, offer best practices, and guide you through next steps for optimal results.

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Custom package

Tailored solutions for enterprise clients. Get a dedicated CSM to manage your polls, whether for special projects or ongoing needs. Customization to fit your specific requirements.

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DIY consumer research

Run polls in just a few clicks. PickFu is easy for anyone to use – no special training required.

Instant feedback you can trust

Reach your target audience in minutes. Most polls finish the same day letting you iterate faster.

Insights that fit your budget

Market research shouldn't cost thousands. Get in-depth feedback starting at just $15 a poll.

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