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Gather open-ended feedback to get to the heart of what your target customers want.

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Focused way to test one idea or asset

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Qualitative results in hours or less

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Written comments reveal preferences

When to use an Open-Ended poll

To gauge interest and sentiment as you develop an idea, product, or design.

Get early validation

Test and validate with an Open-Ended poll before you spend a dime.

Conduct market research

Learn what consumers want and how they behave, in their own words.

Uncover opportunities

Find areas to improve and audiences you hadn't thought of before.

“Inspiration is nice, but real-world feedback is more practical.”
Bryan Collins

Founder, Become a Writer Today

See how Open-Ended polls can help

Whether you sell on Amazon, design mobile games, or publish content,
an Open-Ended poll helps you get a pulse on the market.

There's no "winner" in an Open-Ended poll. Instead, respondents submit free-form written answers to your question. You can test anything in an Open-Ended poll — a photo, logo, text, video, infographic — or simply ask a question. You have the option to request a Star Rating with an Open-Ended poll; respondents rate your asset on a 1-5 star scale in addition to giving written feedback.

You'll start to get results within minutes. Polls usually finish that same day, in a few hours or less. The larger and more targeted your audience, the longer it takes to collect all the responses.

Your poll is priced per response, starting at $1 per response. The final cost depends on your poll format, audience size and targeting, and the number of options you test. Learn more on our Pricing page

You can upload images, GIFs, URLs, audio files, and videos to your poll. Read our image testing guide for a full list of image file types and extensions. Our video testing guide has a list of video and audio file formats.

We hold our respondent panel and ourselves to the highest standards and constantly work on the back end to maintain them. Between human quality checkers, machine learning, and our built-in feedback system, we can ensure that you get the most reliable feedback.

By the time you finish reading this, your Open-Ended poll will already be collecting answers.

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