Open-Ended polls

Open-Ended polls often ask “why,” “how,” or “what if...?” Unlike Head-to-head or Ranked polls, respondents do not judge options against one another. Instead, they offer feedback on a single creative asset, such as a video or image. You may also ask respondents to rate your creative asset on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.  

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Understand the why, not just the what.

What comes with every Open-Ended poll

  • 50-500 written responses
  • Ability to add a single image, video, or URL for respondents to judge
  • Optional star rating
  • Access to over 40 targeting traits to pinpoint the exact audience you want to attract
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Open-Ended polls start at just $50 with no membership required

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In an Open-Ended poll, respondents give a free-form answer to your question. Your question can be about anything, from their initial impressions of your website to what they ate for breakfast.

You can also ask respondents to rate something on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Star ratings help you quantify overall respondent sentiment and make it easy to segment your results. For example, you might start by looking only at the 1-star ratings to see what you can improve right away. 

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Do you think this product is gender-neutral?

50 female Amazon Prime members, ages 25-44

What would you pay for this Doodle Pillowcase?

50 people

How interested would you be in a clothing brand that helps endangered species?

50 people

Meet the PickFu Panel

PickFu is powered by people ready to help you improve whatever you're working on.

  • All respondents are based in the U.S. and respond to your poll in English
  • Respondents opt in to respond to your poll and are paid a stipend
  • Before participating, they must sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • The PickFu Panel represents a wide array of demographic and behavioral traits
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What you can expect from Open-Ended polls


Respondents undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they treat your poll with the seriousness it deserves.

  • Respondents opt in, they do not answer polls to unblock articles or games
  • Respondents sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • PickFu uses both AI and human quality controls to provide useful answers in your poll

Mix and match over 40 audience targeting traits to pinpoint your ideal customer base.

  • Demographic traits like age, gender, income
  • Behavioral traits like exercise habits and travel frequency
  • Consumption habits such as listening to podcasts or buying body care products

Respondents who meet your targeting criteria are served your poll on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Your poll starts collecting answers immediately
  • You can monitor responses in real time
  • Make changes based on poll results the very same day