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How does PickFu compare to the competition

Easier to use than survey platforms

PickFu is lightweight and simple to get started, yet powerful enough to handle a wide variety of use cases and targeting. Our process ensures that every answer from every respondent is high-quality, unlike other tools where you have to pay more for quality control.

Instead of finding your own audience to target like some platforms, you'll have access to 15 million global respondents.

More flexible than UX testing tools

Many User Experience (UX) testing tools are built for specific use cases: testing app prototypes, website experiences, product designs, etc.

PickFu does all that and more – our flexible poll types allow for a wide variety of use cases across any industry.

Faster than traditional market research

Traditional focus groups and market research methods are expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to put together.

PickFu is affordable and easy for anyone to use. You don’t have to wait for weeks to get your results back, and AI tools accelerate the process of interpreting responses.

A powerful alternative to live A/B testing

Running live A/B tests is a common way to optimize websites and product listings. But what if you don't have enough traffic to get accurate results? Or if you want to test something before you launch it?

PickFu is a great alternative for both scenarios – helping you know what will work before you share it with the world, no matter the size of your business.

Market research shouldn't cost you thousands

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Do-it-yourself polling

PickFu is easy to use because we believe consumer research should be accessible to everyone, even if you don't have a consumer insights team.

  • No training or expert knowledge needed
  • Step-by-step poll builder
  • 9.8 G2 rating for Ease of Use

Results in minutes, not weeks

Other market research platforms can take days or weeks. PickFu poll results start coming back in minutes and typically finish within 24 hours.

  • Automatic quality control
  • Watch responses come in live
  • AI tools to help summarize results

High-quality insights

Choose from 90+ demographic traits to reach your target audience. Get qualitative feedback that uncovers the “why” behind respondents’ choices.

  • 15 million global respondents
  • 5 targetable countries (and growing)
  • Demographic charts to highlight trends

Cost-effective and scalable

Don't have the budget for a market research expert? High-quality insights shouldn't cost you thousands.

  • Free to sign up, no subscription needed
  • Responses starting at $1
  • Run your first poll for $15

Get high-quality consumer feedback in minutes starting at $15 a poll

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Industries powered by PickFu

Businesses of all kinds use PickFu to get cost-saving insights they can act on immediately.

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