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Don’t leave gamers out of your development cycle. From testing initial ideas and character concepts to app store icons, advertising, and post-launch assets, PickFu helps you create better gaming experiences.

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Use PickFu before players press Start. Otherwise, it might be Game Over.

Ensure players want to play your game before you write a single line of code.

Understand which characters, movements, and sounds will generate the most engagement.

Optimize your app store listings, including the icon, screenshots, and game trailers.

Polls start at just $50 with no membership required

PickFu helps to improve games in every app store

Using feedback collected with PickFu, studios have created some of the world’s biggest (and most profitable) games.

  • Elza Rauda of Beetroot Lab said, “We tried PickFu and were pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information we can gather from it.”
  • Jen Bolton of Mojiworks said, “It's the fastest and most useful way we've found to test icons and tiles outside of Snapchat,” which is her other go-to for the game Ready Chef Go!
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Use PickFu at every stage of your development cycle


Build confidence in the market viability of your game.

  • Game concept and storyline
  • Game name
  • Character sketches
  • Packaging designs
  • In-game creatives
Marketing and ASO

See what motivates gamers to download.

  • App icons
  • Screenshots
  • Game trailers
  • Description copy

Continually optimize your game for retention and engagement.

  • Seasonal assets
  • In-game UI
  • Advertising
  • Voiceovers and music

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PickFu is ideal for indie developers and megastudios alike. Validate that there is a market for your game ideas and character designs. As you consider different layouts, test them to make sure you’re on the right track. Then, as you get closer to launching, ensure your app icon, screenshots, and other marketing assets are saying what you need them to say. 

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Which PC cover banner would make you click?

50 mobile gamers, ages 18-44

Which set of images do you prefer for a mobile word game?

50 people, ages 25-64

Which name sounds better for a casual zombie-killing game?

200 mobile gamers, ages 18-44

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Head-to-head polls

Compare icon or character options. Or use Head-to-head polls to test your game against a competitor’s.

Ranked polls

Understand what colors or backgrounds are most popular. Ask respondents to rank what screenshots are most intriguing as they browse.

Open-ended polls

Showcase your entire app store listing or game trailer to get general reactions and ideas for improvement.

Click Tests

See where users click on a mockup or early rendering before writing any code.

PickFu polls start gathering responses immediately so you can act on the insights that day

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