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Don't leave gamers out of your development cycle. From testing initial ideas and character concepts to app store icons, advertising, and post-launch assets, PickFu helps you create better gaming experiences.

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Use PickFu at every stage of development cycle

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Icon of a game controller


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Post-launch updating

How to build an gaming poll

Create and launch your poll in three steps!

PickFu is the fastest and most useful way we’ve found to test icons and tiles outside of Snapchat.
Jen Bolton
Vice president of player insights, Mojiworks

Use PickFu before players press Start. Otherwise, it might be Game Over.


Ensure players want to play your game before you write a single line of code.


Understand which characters, movements, and sounds will generate the most engagement.

Store pages

Optimize your app store listings, including the icon, screenshots, and game trailers.

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Meet the PickFu polls

Head-To-Head polls

Compare icons or character designs, or test your game against a competitor's.

Ranked polls

Understand what colors or backgrounds are most popular, or rank what screenshots are most intriguing.

Open-Ended polls

Showcase your entire app store listing or game trailer to get general reactions and ideas for improvement.

Click Tests

See where users click on a mockup or early rendering before writing any code.

See how other game developers use PickFu

Whether you're working on your first game or as part of a top-grossing hit, there's a PickFu poll for you.

PickFu polls start gathering responses immediately, giving you answers in minutes not weeks.

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Tips for mobile apps from the PickFu blog

Why you need a mobile app business plan

It’s not cheap to build an app. One source says that building a simple functions app like a timer or a tip calculator costs upwards of $10,000. A more complicated app is much more expensive — think a quarter of a million dollars. So to build an app without sinking your finances, you need to create a mobile app business plan.

How to sell your app ideas

Mobile apps are expected to generate over $490 billion in global revenue in 2023. If you’re creative and have what you believe is a great app idea, now is the time to sell it (and hopefully, make a lot of money doing it). In this guide, we’ll discuss how to sell app ideas and find the right investors.

How a VP of Player Insights just PickFu’s it

Meet Jen, a VP of Player Insights at the mobile gaming company, Mojiworks, who is deciphering player behaviors, conducting comprehensive user research, and making informed game development decisions daily. Join us as we explore Jen’s typical workday, her process of deriving insights, and her unique perspective on using PickFu for optimized game design and development.