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John Hefter
VP of Creative and Brand Strategy, Thrasio

John Hefter is a V.P. and founding team member of Thrasio, the fastest-growing acquirer of Amazon FBA businesses. In this video, he shares why his team uses PickFu for all major creative changes and how doing so has skyrocketed one of their products, Angry Orange, to be the top-selling pet deodorizer in the world.

Ruth Han
Marketing Director, Whitewater Games

Ruth Han, Marketing Director at Whitewater Games and formerly at billion-dollar giants NCSoft and MachineZone (MZ), shares her experience using PickFu to test in-game assets, in-game UI, and marketing assets like headlines and App Store descriptions.

Steve Chou
Owner, MyWifeQuitHerJob.com

Steve Chou, well-known e-commerce coach and owner of MyWifeQuitHerJob.com and Bumblebee Linens, shares how PickFu helps him get valuable feedback from his target audience, fast. Steve uses PickFu to test everything related to his e-commerce businesses.

Aww, shucks

PickFu is phenomenally useful. I’m a customer because it helps me make design decisions without arguing.
Andrew WarnerMixergy
PickFu is like a real-life fortune teller. Just set up a test and it will predict the future for you, saving you a ton of money and aggravation in the process.
Mike JacknessEcomCrew
PickFu is an outstanding tool for Amazon sellers to quickly and easily split-test almost every aspect of their product and listing. A+
Adam HudsonReliable Education
PickFu makes it easy for new entrepreneurs to execute the 'Lean Startup Method' - running quick tests to find which ideas will make the biggest splash.
Will MitchellStartup Bros
PickFu.com is where I go when I want to quickly split test Amazon product images to actual Amazon Prime customers, and know which images customers prefer, before I make my product listing live. I get results within 1 hour with detailed 'reasons why' they voted a certain way. This has the potential to save thousands of dollars in lost sales from choosing the wrong image.
Manny CoatsCEO, Helium 10
PickFu.com is my go-to tool whenever I want direct and honest feedback for my cover or book title. What I love is I get results within an hour and how the respondents provide a detailed 'reason why' they voted a certain way.
Steve ScottAuthority Self-Publishing, Habit Stacking
PickFu is an easy and quick way to test market your new business ideas before committing valuable resources. It's also an affordable way to optimize your e-commerce marketing images and copy before buying ads!
Steve ChouMyWifeQuitHerJob.com
Inspiration is nice, but real-world feedback is more practical, especially if you want to sell books.
Bryan CollinsBecome a Writer Today
We chose PickFu because of the quality of the users and the speed at which we get results! Other online survey services take up to a week to complete, and we just don't have that time....Since it takes less than 15 minutes to get the survey results, we were able to alter our designs immediately and re-test them.
Isabella PattonOvia health
I was impressed by its simplicity and the speed at which I could get results from a unbiased audience...to me, the most valuable data is actually the one liner provided by those who are polled...
Ben SteedInfinite Publishing
PickFu is brilliant...this site is absolutely fantastic for just getting feedback from a very diverse range of people on absolutely any question.
Iain DooleyDecal CMS Founder
More to the point though, I found the feedback valuable enough to iterate on the About page design and ended up with more of a hybrid approach. I wouldn't have got there without reading those comments. It's really a cheap and quick form of useful feedback.
Gabriel WeinbergDuckDuckGo Founder
Have you ever asked your followers which book covers or titles they prefer? DON'T EVER DO IT AGAIN. People tend to just mimic what someone they believe "knows more" said. Instead use PickFu. Immediate feedback from up to 500 real people!
Anna DavidLegacy Launch Pad Publishing
Stop guessing and just test it. PickFu is the best and easiest way to figure out what actually works. One small tweak can help change your entire business. That's why I recommend PickFu to all my students. 
Yaniv ItskovichFreedomFBA
PickFu is an affordable way to get real-world feedback on your product images and sales copy before driving paid traffic. This will help you get more conversions and a higher return on ad spend without all the trial and error.
If my product idea sucks, I would rather find out before I invest, and PickFu offers a great way to get real-life data--this will save you TONS of money!
Candace MarraAmarracan Enterprises LLC
PickFu makes market research better than ever. All business is risk, but why risk more than you need to? PickFu allows you to make highly educated product decisions based on actual real life market data. Love it!
Rainmakers AcademyRainmakers Academy
PickFu will help you choose good alternatives (and get some sleep!).I use this service whenever I need to quickly get feedback on a product listing or website design. Within 15 minutes, you can have real people within your targeted demographic answer a poll or fill out a survey about your product or service. It’s totally worth using before you launch anything!
Tamela LewisBank Your Knowledge
PickFu is an essential tool that we use for a variety of tests when doing anything creative as an agency. It allows us to shortcut the feedback loop and gather quality data"”
Brent ZahradnikAMZ Pathfinder
I love PickFu because as a trademark attorney, I don't want my clients to invest in protecting a name or logo only to find out their target consumers hate it! PickFu lets my clients test their brands before they invest in the trademark process.
Jeremy Peter Green JPG Legal
PickFu helps you validate your product ideas, packaging, and designs so you can launch with confidence.
Amy Wees Amazing at Home
PickFu is an amazing tool that you can use to help get instant feedback on product design, packaging and validate your Amazon listings! If you're launching a new product, this can save you a bunch of time and money rather than going with your gut.
Chris ThomasThe Australian Seller
I like Pickfu because it's a powerful way to inform listing optimization decisions before spending on expensive photography or videos. By getting PIckfu shopper's data beforehand, we're armed with the most valuable information in any niche we enter.
Danny CarlsonKenji ROI
PickFu is perfect in order to test our main product image, before actually using it in the real market. Hereby we are to receive honest and valuable feedback from the chosen target group. It simply works by uploading different pictures and asking a specific question. Within minutes we have enough data to make extremely powerful decisions.
Lukas MankowCEO, AMZ Ventures
When all else fails, use PickFU. This sounds like an ad for PickFU now, but it’s not. It’s simply a massive time saver, especially for entrepreneurs who follow their gut. You can get hard, black and white data on your decision options super-quick.
Bennet DaltonDirector, Make Your Ideas
I was looking for split testing platform that had a good balance of quality results, ease of use and pricing. I was about to give up and just do a google ads campaign, which was going to take me longer and probably more expensive..but then I found PickFu and gave it shot! I loved how easy was to do my website design tests and get a clear winner, quickly and cost effectively. In addition, I received great customer service with a mistake I made. I highly recommend PickFu!
Eduardo AlarconLarcons Staffing
I've used PickFu multiple times from testing logos to packaging and it's saved me from making poor branding decisions I thought would've worked, but the markets thought otherwise.
David ZaleskiEcomHub
PickFu polling has been great. It has come in handy several times and the speed of the responses helps us keep moving forward in a timely manner.
Josh HartmanFamilyLife, non-profit marriage and family counseling
When I need to know which product photo will convert into sales on my Amazon listing, I go to PickFu.com. This allows me to split test Amazon product images which results in far higher sales. PickFu gives me detailed reasons why viewers prefer one image over another. This vital customer data not only saves me a ton of time and dollars but is vital for scaling your million dollar Amazon brand!
Seth KniepFounder, Just One Dime
I recommend PickFu to any Amazon FBA seller who wants to instantly increase their sales and CTR by simply creating a poll using PickFu's easy to use platform. PickFu's audience are real Amazon prime customers that will give you valuable, realistic opinions when you are split testing your images or text on your product listing. Get results in as fast as 15 minutes!
Tamara TeeAmazon FBA Winners
Through PickFu, we were able to survey 50 respondents between the ages of 18 and 54 and ask whether, upon seeing our ad, they would text us if they were facing an issue at work. The results came in lightning fast—it took exactly 31 minutes.
Lauren BrisboEmpowerWork
PickFU has been an absolute game changer. It is so simple, easy, and affordable to test images. Since incorporating PickFU, not only have new product launches have been more successful, but more importantly, a few top tier products have jumped from being in the Top 10 on Amazon to being #1. For one of those top tier products, the PickFU results informed us that we should use the exact same main image, but at a slightly different angle. This increased sales over 25% and increased ranking to #1. PickFU has become an integral part of our business operations. And, not only that, the people there are great! I highly recommend PickFU for all e-commerce sellers.
Matt M.Amazon FBA E-commerce Seller
My co-author and I were trying to decide on a title for a book we have coming out on Retirement in Q1. We were able to enter the three choices we were considering and use the 50 to 64 age demographic which is our target audience! The results were easy to understand and the comments are extremely valuable. We especially liked being able to see the demographics of the person who made each comments as we could see clearly what they liked and didn’t like. We were able to use this information in writing or rewriting some of our chapters. Or simply confirming that we were on target with some things. Also, the turnaround was amazing.
Marilyn BusheyAuthor
I heard about PickFu from a fellow student and I have to say that it has been an amazing experience. My first poll told me exactly what the US Amazon customers like in terms of the shape of the decanter and the one I did last night took it a step further in terms of the actual design. It really makes a difference in terms of the decisions you make when wanting to launch new products into the market.
Simone S.Amazon Seller
For years I've been building a brand, and quite honestly, my 1000 true fans are going to buy my book no matter what the title is. That's why I chose PickFu.com; I wanted objective feedback on a book title so I could expand my platform and serve more leaders that don't know me yet! The process was simple to set up and I'm pleased with the results. It gave me plenty of data to digest and clarity on how to move forward with the release of my first book.
Danny "Sunshine" BauerBetter Leaders Better Schools
I selected PickFu because of the quality of the responses and the speed at which I received polling results. I simply don't have that patience or the luxury of waiting for days to receive polling data. I did multiple polls to help me select a new book cover and received the results of each poll in less than 15 minutes. Fantastic cost effective service and excellent support.
Mike CurtisAuthor of Understand Women: Win the Heart of One
One of the most important aspects of business I've learned is to assess rather than guess. This is crucial when it comes to finding the perfect book title and cover. PickFu has become my go-to resource to conduct surveys because of their speed, demographic breakdown, and helpful comments provider by the respondents. I recommend PickFu to all of my self-publishing clients as an essential part of the research process.
Derek Doepker
I highly recommend PickFu to the authors and aspiring authors I work with. Having the ability to objectively split test book covers and book titles from an unbiased audience is vitally important. Book titles and book covers can significantly impact purchase conversion, and a non-fiction author's thought leadership. Being able to test these factors is peace of mind.
Renee HarrisonBookYourBusiness.co Founder
I use PickFu to split test book titles and covers. It's been extremely helpful to know what readers prefer before I self-publish my books on Amazon. It enables me to make better decisions without relying purely on intuition.
Mike FishbeinInbound Marketer & Bestselling Author
PickFu helped us make informed decisions around our art that are paying off well for Boomie Blast. We were able to leverage a lot of what we tested to make sure our game art is on point with our intended audience.
Adnaan EbrahimLead Producer, TreasureHunt
Beyond reporting the numbers, each respondent leaves a short reason for their selections. That feedback helped me understand why and how people reacted to each title, and to find those people who sounded the most like my ideal reader.
Anne JanzerAuthor and Marketing Consultant
PickFu is one of the easiest & fastest ways to find out which of your mobile app screenshots or icons will drive more app downloads.
Sebastian MaraloiuFounder & CEO, Blushr
PickFu is great because it allows you to get data outside of the current echo chamber you've created with your customers, communities, and true fans. It's a great way to test market messages, tag lines, and product names outside of your first-degree network. PickFu is now an essential part of every major marketing and product development initiative for us.
Charlie GilkeyProductive Flourishing
I truly am a happy customer. What struck me the most was the quality and context of some of the comment responses. They will actually inform some choices as I move forward with this project.
J.J. SalemUSA Today Bestselling Author
Crowd-sourcing is not ideal for naming, because a few people spending a lot of time on a name usually yields a better result than a lot of people spending a little time. But it is much more useful when it comes to validating a name. Services like Pickfu allow you to get a second opinion quickly if you’re stuck between two options.
GigaOmStartup and Technology Blog
I was helping a client during an advertising meeting...and the people around the table were debating a tagline for a local tv spot, specifically, which would resonate better with the targeted demo. While everyone was debating, I ran a PickFu poll. I presented the results and everyone was floored with the ability to run a 'real-time' poll. I love your service.
John AsaloneGo Tech Consulting Partners
If you have a burning question...Pick-Fu is the answer....within a number of hours I received an amazing amount of feedback.
Shawn AdrianUI Designer & Entrepreneur, Nerdburn

Wayne Han
PickFu is a fantastic tool that you can use to validate product ideas and concepts before launching! 
Khierstyn RossKhierstyn Ross
Mit PickFu habe ich endlich eine Plattform gefunden, auf der ich verschiedene Buchcover und Texte bei meiner Zielgruppe gegeneinander testen kann. Ein echter Gamechanger für mein KDP Business!
Tom SchmidtNomad Publishing Consulting GmbH
I like to use PickFu to understand what people think about my cover designs and titles. For my books to sell well, I must know what potential customers are interested in and what draws them to my books. The cover must be good because it is the first thing my readers see, and if it is appealing, they may consider the book further and maybe even buy it.
I do run polls on Facebook, but they take a long time, and for a survey to be good, a lot of people need to give feedback; otherwise, the result can be misleading. I don’t always get enough input from Facebook polls. 
I designed two covers myself, and naturally, I was biased and, therefore, blind to the issues that they had. When I put the two book covers on PickFu, I received feedback from 80 people within hours. It was apparent which cover to use after that, and I was surprised how my judgment of how good the other cover was so far off. I saw the light!
PickFu is not only useful for cover comparisons, but it is also helpful in validating your business ideas, logos, and ad creatives. It helps you optimize your product listings, and much more.
I recommend using PickFu to improve your customer engagement and ultimately, your sales.
Dr. Paul KellerDr. Paul Keller, Author of the Financial Master Series
A different title, a better main image, different keywords, and copy could mean the difference between a good listing and a great listing that makes a lot more money for your business. With PickFu you can set up tests in 1 minute and get results in just 15 minutes!
Brock JohnsonThe Last Amazon Course
PickFu is an absolutely essential tool that I use to help validate my product design and images. I highly recommend it to every Amazon seller. 
Sharon EvenFBA Alphas
PickFu is an absolutely essential tool that I use to help validate my product design and images. I highly recommend it to every Amazon seller. 
Lazar ŽepinićSellers Alley
PickFu is an absolutely essential tool that I use to help validate my product design and images. I highly recommend it to every Amazon seller. 
Zack FranklinPanda Leap
PickFu is an absolutely essential tool that I use to help validate my product design and images. I highly recommend it to every Amazon seller. 
Keith O'BrienPage One
PickFu.com is the platform that brought a lot of clarity in the perfect photos that my audience would like to find and choose when searching for a product to buy. It's the best option I would recommend to any Amazon seller that wants clarity before launching a new product on the market and this small investment can save thousands of dollars. You can split test almost anything.
Adi Petrasca My Smart Area
PickFu is an amazing tool that you can use to help get instant feedback on product design, packaging and validate your Amazon listings! If you're launching a new product, this can save you a bunch of time and money rather than going with your gut. 
Meghla BhardwajThe Asian Seller
If you're a remote business owner, PickFu is an amazing tool that you can use on many different parts of your business including branding, testing PPC ad concepts and validating your e-eCommerce brands. You can save yourself big headaches and a lot of money by using this feedback tool rather than going off your gut. 
Filip StankovskiRemotepreneurs
PickFu is a simple to use Platform to achieve the result you want!
Andy LeeAndy AMZ Advocate
I love it when I'm designing a product and Pickfu proves me wrong! Just because you like a certain design or colour doesn't mean your customer does. By asking our customer demographic what they prefer we have saved a lot of money on launching products that don't resonate with our customer. 
Lyden SmithersTitan Network
I have not yet used PickFu however PickFu will be coming on OrangeKlik's Demo Monday's so tune in to the OrangeKlik YouTube channel on May 25th! 
Augustas KligysOrange Klik
Using PickFu helps maximize profits with minimal effort, it's a no brainer!
Benjamin TanAMZ Elite Bootcamp
PickFu is a fantastic tool that you can use to quickly get reliable feedback on things like your product design, product packaging, branding, images and copy-writing. Selling on Amazon is hard work and can be risky if you go with your gut rather than doing the correct research. PickFu helps to solve this by being an affordable option that helps you make better decisions. 
Netzah TopazViralix
As an Amazon seller, PickFu's split testing for Amazon product images are a godsend. To be able to gather feedback with the reasons for why one image is chosen over another from actual Amazon Prime customers in less than 15 minutes literally saved us thousands in lost sales by picking the right image from the get go. The investment pays off quite easily
Clarence CheangClarence Cheang
PickFu.com is so far the best focus group and the split-testing website I have ever seen. We use it to test different product modification ideas, split-test images for better click-through rates, test what brand logo appeals best to our exact target audience. We can test everything and make sure to have the best conversion possible before spending a dime on Amazon PPC and other paid traffic. The results from the focus group of your choice are available within 1 hour with written detailed reasons why they choose one or the other option. This solution has the potential to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in PPC costs and lost sales.
Klaidas SiuipysShayz Consulting
An awesome service for instant split testing! If you're not split testing your main images etc, you are missing out on a lot of money!
Tom WangAmazon FBA Expert
PickFu is one of the best tools you can go with, with the software polling targeted audiences on the questions you pose…What’s neat about this alternative is that sales are a completely independent factor during the process. You’re getting survey results from real people before risking changes with actual products and sales, giving you information you can use in the real world. It’s also a really fast process, with most polls taking under half an hour to complete.
Chris DunneFeedbackExpress
We LOVED it!! The results gave us so much clarity. I can't believe we have taken this long to start using the service!! It’s a game changer, thank you!
Nat DwyerDirector, NewLyfe
To be honest, I was *stunned* at the results of that poll. I really liked the cover image with the new picture, but the vast majority of people liked the original all-red one. Since the purpose of a cover is to grab eyeballs and interest shoppers to click, it really is a popularity contest. The majority ruled.
John DreeseAuthor of RED HOPE
PickFu makes it incredibly easy for authors to test their book covers and titles. You can get results quickly since PickFu has an established testing audience, and survey respondents need to say why they made the selection they did — this way, you’ll know they didn’t arbitrarily choose one design over the other.
BookBubUnbound eBook Marketing Blog
When we created our unique 3D Fashion Game for iOS and Android we used PickFu extensively to poll different icons, section names and even the name of our game itself! It's a cost effective, fast and very helpful service.
Simon NewsteadFrenzoo
I have loved PickFu and recommended it to dozens of people already. I've used it to quickly iterate ideas and have some data to make decisions. I'm a huge fan and will definitely continue using it for various projects.
Tim GrahlAuthor & Book Marketing Consultant
PickFu is my #1 go-to for listing optimization for clients. With PickFu we get data quickly to optimize listings and stand out from the competition. If you are not using this tool you are missing out on valuable data that will impact your sales.
Daniela BolzmannFounder, MindfulGoods.co
I've had an awesome experience with PickFu. I first used it to decide between 3 logo designs for my consulting business. I was amazed at how quickly the results came in (just a matter of minutes). It seemed too good to be true at first, but then I read the detailed comments from each voter, which gave me insight into what everyone was thinking. The poll was invaluable, because without it, I would have made the wrong choice for the cornerstone of my brand! I next used it to decide between website design concepts, and again had great results that gave me total confidence in choosing my design. PickFu is one of the most amazing services I've ever discovered online, and I plan to use it for all of my clients' design projects.
Jason NappierMake Software Great
Thank you for your vision and creating PickFu. As a businesswoman, financial coach, author and speaker, ​your company ROCKS! I write prolifically and need somewhere to go to get unbiased opinions from strangers that aren't just flaming my ideas because they had a bad day. It is the most helpful advice I can get when coming up with titles for books, headlines, and book covers. The diversity of the information and honest feedback is delightful. I've used the polls to help me narrow down a book title and soon I'll be using them to assist with my logo for my 8th business as well as the tag line for a new course I'm offering.
Janine BolonFinancial Coach & Author
I was very impressed with PickFu. There were things I didn't expect: (1) I could choose the gender and age group. (2) Your age groups match the age groups that my Scribe Content software uses. Great. (3) The responses included a reason. That alone is super valuable and gave me a few branding ideas including images and copy tone. (4) You also broke down the respondents by education and income level. Wow -- I didn't think $70 could by so much happiness. This was money sooooo well spent!
Dan CogginsPitchgreen
I can't recommend this service enough - what was eye opening to me was the comments the people left. They were even more valuable than the results of the test. You could tell that the people that chose the name "Super 80s World" really got it. The demographics backed it up even more: those responders were closer to the target age and salary demographic.
Michael CowdenTap Tap Good
I tried PickFu because I needed to run an A/B test for my Amazon products and didn't want to wait 2 weeks to get the results, as I did when I was using Splitly. For the main images, titles, descriptions, I think PickFu is much better. I got awesome results for my poll. The insights and comments people leave are unbelievable. Some real golden nuggets in there.
Romy B. Amazon Seller
Your service is absolutely amazing. A true blessing to entrepreneurs. How time and money and hard effort saving! Brilliant idea!
Tomas N. / Spain
I wanted to know which book cover design would entice a potential reader to buy my book. With PickFu, the results were timely, but more importantly, the comments I received were so thoughtful. Everyone's response provided additional insight.
Andre HiotisAuthor
Wow - I am very impressed with your site. The speed and quality of the feedback I received on my poll was very impressive and extremely useful to me.
Rob McShaneThe Wayward Warrior
Pickfu te ayudará a testear elementos claves que necesitas para ser exitoso en Amazon 
We recommend PickFu for Amazon sellers who want to quickly split test Amazon product Images to actual Amazon Prime buyers. Results come back within an hour and there's no better way to get this kind of data than PickFu.
Henson WuCEO, Feedbackwhiz
PickFu gives you a big advantage by testing your messaging and images in order to determine which ones resonate the most with your target market. It is an invaluable tool in a competitive marketplace. 
David C, ownerForOnlineSellers Consulting