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Instantly unearth insights, summarize results, and track trends with PickFu’s AI Highlights.

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Avoid human bias when interpreting results

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How AI Highlights helps you get more from your results

No more manual response coding, categorizing, and summarizing. AI Highlights finds the needles in your haystack of responses.

Summarize your results

Whether you have 15 or 500 responses, AI Summary can summarize answers, interpret results, and suggest next steps.

Track sentiment trends

Understand at a glance what respondents liked (and didn’t like) about each option with AI Sentiment, using natural language processing to group similar answers.

Write your own prompts

Dig deeper into results with AI Labs, a market researcher in your pocket able to answer questions and generate assets.

“I think the AI addition is outstanding and exactly what I expected and wanted. I’ve already done the analysis on the data so I can vouch that the conclusions are 100% correct and inline with my own analysis of the open end responses.”
Daniel Greenberg
CEO, CollegEase

AI Highlights is a suite of artificial intelligence tools designed to analyze PickFu polls. AI Highlights automatically uncovers trends, themes, and sentiments, turning qualitative data into actionable insights.

AI Highlights automates the time-consuming process of reading and interpreting responses, immediately identifying themes and trends to provide you with ready-to-use answers.

Yes, AI Highlights uses the whole poll as context to help interpret and categorize unclear responses.

Yes, AI Highlights can effectively analyze and extract insights from responses in various languages. Currently, however, all AI generated text will be in English.

Absolutely not. Your poll data is only used to generate AI Highlights on your poll and is not used for data modeling or other forms of training.

AI Highlights is a complimentary feature included with all new PickFu polls (support is limited for older polls). 

Once your poll is completed, simply navigate to the AI Highlights tab on your poll results page. AI Highlights will automatically start generating as soon as the poll is complete.

The future of AI enhanced consumer research starts here.

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