What’s the big idea?

PickFu for enterprise companies

Whether you're a large company or a very large company, PickFu is ready to handle your consumer research needs in a secure, collaborative, and responsive manner.

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Gain a competitive advantage

Empower your teams with insights that drive growth. PickFu fits seamlessly into your processes so you can make better data-backed decisions faster.

Ensure market viability

Create products and services that you know people want.

Arm yourself with data to support business decisions

Collect qualitative data to feel certain that large investments and changes are smart moves.

Test your messaging before a media buy

Avoid PR mishaps by confirming that your ads resonate before they hit the airwaves or the internet.

Employ techno wizardry without needing a techno wizard

With our API, PickFu easily integrates with your existing suite of tools. Slice and dice the data however you want, without cumbersome installations.

You’re in good company

Join other large enterprises that trust PickFu in their operations.

Make decisions with confidence

Give your team a sandbox to play in. With PickFu's enterprise-level service, you can create and implement the perfect solution for your testing needs.

Create audiences specific to your business

Have a niche audience in mind? Work with PickFu to build a targeted pool of survey respondents based on key customer personas.

Have confidence in secure data

Respondents sign a non-disclosure agreement that keeps all poll content private. If you have a custom NDA, they'll sign that too. Your poll results URL is unlisted, yours and only yours to share.

Enjoy concierge service

Create the ideal solution for your team alongside a dedicated account manager. Access the resources you need to answer technical questions. Get guidance and strategy recommendations for different business areas.

"Since incorporating PickFu into our research and development phase, we have a much stronger data-driven sense of what the consumer is looking for from a product development standpoint, from a creative standpoint, and from a content strategy standpoint. We are able to use that as a North Star to help us scale the brand."

Lo Martin
CMO, Elevate Brands

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Tell us about your business and goals so we can customize a plan for your needs.