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How to use the Amazon Mockup Generator

1. Add your products: use the search bar to enter a list of ASINs or keywords. Import up to 8 products using up-to-date Amazon data.

2. Customize your mockups: change your product image, try a new title, update the price, or adjust review count and rating to fully control your mockup.

3. Import and test: instantly import your mockups to the PickFu Poll Builder with one click to gather feedback from real consumers.

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Amazon guidelines to keep in mind

As you use the Amazon Mockup Generator to create and test different options for images and titles, it's crucial to keep the following Amazon guidelines in mind:

Amazon main image guidelines

  • Professional quality: ensure your images accurately represent the product and are of high, professional quality.
  • Pure white background: use an RGB value of 255, 255, 255 for a consistent and compliant background.
  • Product focus: the product should occupy 85% of the image frame.
  • Clarity is key: avoid text, logos, watermarks, or other graphics that might obscure the product.
  • Full product display: show the entire product within the image frame without cutting off any part.
  • Accessory accuracy: only display accessories that come with the product purchase.
  • Single product display: each image should showcase the product once, focusing on the most relevant aspect.

Amazon title guidelines

  • Length and clarity: titles should be between 60–200 characters, accurately describing the item without promotional language.
  • Avoiding unnecessary symbols: refrain from using ALL CAPS, asterisks, or exclamation points that might detract from the clarity of the title.

Understanding and adhering to these guidelines while using the Amazon Mockup Generator will help ensure that your product listings are not only effective, but also fully compliant with Amazon's requirements. This proactive approach to compliance will aid in enhancing your listings and avoiding any potential issues with Amazon's listing standards.

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