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Join thousands of businesses making better-informed decisions with PickFu.

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Consumer research doesn't have to be hard

As a PickFu Agency partner, you'll have the data to influence and optimize outcomes, meaning you're making the right choice every time.

Polling with PickFu yields better-informed creative decisions, stronger marketing, and, ultimately, results that make you shine for your clients.

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20% discount on polls

Give your budget some wiggle room with 20% off every poll you run.

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Gain valuable visibility with customers seeking service providers.

Account upgrades

Invite agency members to your team to simplify account management. Gain access to teamwide billing and visibility into polls run across your agency.

I sold more than $130K in three weeks and I attribute it to getting my CTR and conversion rate correct from running three different PickFu tests. We use PickFu for all of our clients at My Amazon Guy.
Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy

You handle the creative. We'll bring the data.

Our platform is easy to use so you can move quickly to meet your client's every need.

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Consumer research without the price tag

Top agencies invest heavily in market research to ensure they're making the right choices. PickFu gets you quality insights quick, without the price tag. Get started with PickFu at just $15 a poll.

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Self-service with a human touch

The PickFu Agency program is more than a discount, it's a relationship. Our team is here to support and strategize with you, whether you're new to PickFu or have been using it for years.

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Feedback you can trust

Validation is the key to creating assets that drive conversion. Use PickFu to test visuals and copy with consumers before release so you can launch with confidence.

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