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Ensure your books are ready for sale. Choose the best book title and cover design. Perfect your book jacket blurb. Break out of your head and bring readers into the process before your book goes to press — online or in print.

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Mockup of a PickFu poll showing two book covers for a camping tips manual, and a set of responses.

Use PickFu at every stage of your book's journey

Audience discovery

Cover and title finalization

Book launch

How to build a publishing poll

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There’s nothing more valuable than getting inside your customer’s or client’s head.
Anna David
Founder, Legacy Launch Pad Publishing

Readers judge a book by its cover. PickFu ensures they judge it well.


Decide which titles and subtitles pique readers' curiosity.


Choose the most eye-catching cover or book jacket.


Get input on advertising materials, packaging, and description copy.

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Meet the PickFu polls

Head-To-Head polls

Compare book title or subtitle ideas. Or use Head-to-head polls to pit book cover designs against each other.

Ranked polls

Understand what colors, backgrounds, and cover imagery most appeal to readers. Rank what selling points are most important in your marketing copy.

Open-Ended polls

Showcase your entire Kindle listing or book jacket and ask for general feedback.

Click Tests

See where users click on a search results page to improve your book's appeal.

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Whether you're a first time author or a global publishing house, there's a PickFu poll for you.

PickFu polls start gathering responses immediately, giving you answers in minutes not weeks.

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Publishing advice from the PickFu blog

Mistakes authors make

Anna David freely admits she’s made plenty of mistakes along the way to becoming a New York Times bestselling author, popular podcaster, and publisher. Her biggest mistake as an author? Not knowing the audience she was writing for.

How to sell audiobooks on Amazon

The landscape of the audiobook industry is different from print or e-book publishing. Having the right resources and knowing what customers look for will be the difference between high and low book sales.

How a publishing CEO uses PickFu

For Anna David, every day is a juggling act of leading her publishing company, working with clients, and gathering feedback on the books her team is working on. We talked to her about how she uses PickFu to gain valuable publishing insights.