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Ensure your books are ready for sale. Choose the best book title and cover design. Perfect your book jacket blurb. Break out of your head and bring readers into the process before your book goes to press — online or in print.

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Readers judge a book by its cover. PickFu ensures they judge it well.

Decide which titles and subtitles pique readers' curiosity.

Design the most eye-catching cover or book jacket.

Get help with marketing, description copy, and other sales collateral.

What can happen when you ask for feedback

Using feedback collected with PickFu, authors and publishers have topped the charts of Amazon and even the New York Times.

  • “I found PickFu so well organized and so easy to use that it made the task of polling almost pleasant.” – New York Times bestselling author Albert Podell
  • Author Sean Rosensteel said, “If you poll your network on social media or just take a guess, you’ll find yourself riddled with doubt. And that’s no way to launch a book you’ve just worked so hard to write and publish!’”
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Use PickFu before you go to press and after publication


Make your marketing assets as strong as they can be.

  • Book title and subtitle
  • Cover design
  • Book description
  • Author bio and headshot

Optimize your existing listings or repackage your published books.

  • Book cover designs for re-release
  • Advertisements
  • Book trailers

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Authors and publishers were one of the first industry verticals to grasp the power of PickFu. In a competitive marketplace like the Kindle store or a physical bookstore, reader feedback can help your book stand out on the shelf.

Target the audience for your poll based on your book's subject matter. Writing about dating advice? Ask singles. Science fiction? Survey readers of that genre. What about tips for gardening in the arid Southwest? Yes, PickFu even offers that audience. Layer on reading habits such as preferred book format and books read per month, and you're on your way to hyper-targeted insights for your unique manuscript.

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Based on the cover, which book would you rather buy?

50 parents

Which travel book cover is more appealing?

50 occasional or frequent travelers

Which book title about building a practice would you rather buy?

50 small business owners

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Meet the PickFu polls

Head-to-head polls

Compare book title or subtitle ideas. Or use Head-to-head polls to pit book cover designs against each other.

Ranked polls

Understand what colors, backgrounds, and cover imagery most appeal to readers. Rank what selling points are most important in your marketing copy.

Open-ended polls

Showcase your entire Kindle listing or book jacket and ask for general feedback.

Click Tests

See where users click on a search results page to improve your book's appeal.

PickFu polls start gathering responses immediately so you can act on the insights that day

Publishing advice from the PickFu blog

How to sell audiobooks

With platforms such as Audible and Apple Books offering listeners thousands of options, publishing an audiobook is different from e-books and paperbacks.

How to outline a nonfiction book

Nonfiction demands the use of facts and flesh-and-blood experiences that can’t be dreamed up. To keep your facts straight and build them into a compelling narrative, you have to know how to outline.

Should you use a book description generator?

One of the hardest things for authors to do is summarize an entire story idea in just a few sentences. Will a book description generator or a template help?