Pricing that fits your needs

No matter if you are an e-commerce business, a self-published author, or an established app development company, PickFu has a pricing option for you.

PickFu polls start at just $50 For $50, you'll get all this:

  • Feedback from 50 U.S. based-respondents
  • Insights on up to 2 different options (logo concepts, URLs, book covers, etc.)
  • 50 responses that include written explanations from respondents
  • Private results (not listed in our poll gallery or indexed by search engines)
  • Visibility into the age and gender of your respondents

Want more? Upgrade for endless options Respondents

PickFu enables you to poll 50, 100, 200, or even 500 respondents at one time. Every respondent costs $1. So for example, if you want to run a poll with 200 people, expect your price per poll to start at $200. Targeting

PickFu offers a wide variety of targeting options so you can reach your defined audience. For every characteristic, behavior, or preference you add, your price will increase by about $0.40 per respondent. Type of Poll

There are three different types of PickFu polls: open-ended, head-to-head, and ranked. The type of poll you choose and the number of options you ask for feedback on will also impact your price per poll.

Most PickFu customers get the valuable feedback they need for $50 to $200 per poll.

Price per poll calculator Find out how much your poll will cost.

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See pricing in action Below are three example PickFu polls and how much they cost.

An FBA company split tests two different main images with 50 Amazon Prime members.

Type of poll
Number of targeted audience traits
Number of respondents

An author tests 3 different book title options with 50 women who read nonfiction books.

Type of poll
Number of targeted audience traits
Number of respondents

A developer asks for open-ended feedback on a mobile app icon with 200 male mobile gamers.

Type of poll
Number of targeted audience traits
Number of respondents

Want to see more examples of polls? Check out our poll gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Ways to pay

Pay-as-you-go.white Pay as you go

No subscription required – ever. The cost to run each poll is determined by the type of poll you run, the complexity of your targeting, and your reporting needs.

Become-member.white Become a member

If you’re going to run more than 3 polls per month, our Professional Membership plan will save you money.

Buy-bulk-save.white Buy in bulk and save

If you plan to spend at least $1,000 running polls, we offer a discount when you purchase prepaid credit.

Membership saves you money
(but is never required)

If you plan on running more than 3 polls per month, consider joining our Professional Membership plan. Members always enjoy the lowest prices.

Here’s what you get with a Professional Membership:

  • Discounted rate per response
  • Option to poll up to 500 respondents at once
  • Option to include up to 4 targeting options per poll

At PickFu, memberships are never required. But for customers who run PickFu polls on a consistent basis, they add up to significant savings.

Buy in bulk and save

Interested in running over $1,000 worth of PickFu polls? With prepaid credit, you’ll save up to 15%.

In addition to discounts, prepaid credit allows you to:

  • Reduce credit card transactions
  • Simplify expense reports and reimbursements
  • Start polls faster by skipping checkout
  • Ask follow-up questions to poll respondents


After I publish my poll, how quickly will I get my results?
Responses will start pouring in immediately. Once the poll is complete (usually within about 15 minutes), you’ll get an email notification. Or you can stay on the page and watch in real time as the responses roll in.
How do I know that I’ll get quality feedback?
We monitor our respondents regularly to make sure that they are providing valuable feedback. Learn more about our respondents and quality controls here. If for some reason you receive an unsatisfactory response, you have the option to flag that respondent to notify our team.
How much will it cost to get 50 responses?
Our most basic poll costs $50. As you add targeting options, the price increases. Use the Pricing Calculator to see your final cost.
Do I need a membership to run a poll?
No, memberships are never required. But if you run polls on a consistent basis, they will save you money. Learn more about memberships here.
Who answers my polls?
The PickFu Panel is comprised of U.S.-based, native English-speaking respondents that represent a wide swath of demographics. You'll find a diverse mix of ages, income levels, and education, as well as behavioral and psychographic traits including exercise frequency, reading habits, and mobile app usage.
Is my satisfaction guaranteed?
Satisfaction-guaranteed Yes. We stand behind our service 100%. If you are unsatisfied, contact us and we will gladly refund your credits so that you can run your poll again. However, please be aware we cannot offer cash refunds for polls that have already been run.
I want to run a lot of polls. Do you provide a discount?
Yes! Purchase $1,000 or more of prepaid credit to receive our volume discount. See more details here.

Have more questions? View our help center or contact us.

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