PickFu Professional Membership

If you run PickFu polls on a consistent basis, becoming a Professional Member can add up to significant savings.

Member benefits
In addition to saving money, Members enjoy these exclusive benefits:

Discounted-rate.blue Discounted rate per response Save $0.05 per response on every poll you run.

Respondents.blue Increased audience size Poll up to 500 respondents at once.

Target-audience.blue Additional targeting options Target a niche audience using up to 4 demographic traits at one time.

Loyalty-coupon.blue Monthly loyalty coupon Save an additional 15% off one poll per month.

Advanced-insight.blue Advanced insights Unlock additional demographic information about respondents.

Flexible-reporting.blue Flexible reporting Download your poll results to a .csv, .pdf, or .png.

Phone-consult.blue Phone consultations Get questions answered personally by a PickFu professional.

Easy-api.blue Easy API integrations Leverage API integrations to access your poll result data.

Become a Member for only $79/month

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Does your team use PickFu?

If you’re looking for ways for your team to collaborate while using PickFu, consider our Team Membership plan.

Team Membership includes everything offered under our Professional Membership, plus:

  • Even deeper discounts on rate per response
  • A team account with unified billing
  • A team dashboard for collaboration
  • Shared prepaid credit
  • Support for a team of up to 4 seats

Team Membership Plans are $299/month.


What type of demographic information will I get about the respondents?
Without a plan, results only show the age range and gender of respondents. As a Member, your poll results include age range, gender, income level, education level, and ethnicity. You may also add additional reporting if desired.
How does a Membership save me money?
When you use PickFu, some premium poll features are upcharges. If you use these features regularly, Membership decreases or eliminates those charges.
I want to join the Team Membership plan, but my team is larger than 4 people. Can I add more seats?
Yes, the Team Membership plan comes with 4 seats, but you can purchase additional seats for $50/month each. For more information about team seats, check out this help page.
Do I need a membership to run a poll?
No, memberships are never required. But if you run polls on a consistent basis, they will save you money. Learn more about memberships here.
Do membership plans include polls?
No, polling costs are separate from plan costs. Your paid membership lowers the price per response for each poll using the PickFu Panel, and removes upgrade charges for premium polling features.
Are there any long-term commitments or cancellation fees?
You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. You may cancel your membership effective at the end of your current membership period (either monthly or annually). There is no cancellation fee.

Have more questions? View our help center or contact us.

Not ready to become a member?
No problem. At PickFu, memberships are never required. You can always pay as you go!

Iain Dooley
Decal CMS Founder
PickFu is brilliant...this site is absolutely fantastic for just getting feedback from a very diverse range of people on absolutely any question.

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