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Whether a visitor hits the Buy button or the Back button means everything. So across every marketplace, top sellers and brands trust PickFu to ensure that their online stores and their product stories resonate with shoppers.

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Mockup of a PickFu poll, showing a comparison of three sets of headphones and a group of responses.

Use PickFu at every stage of your product development

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Product research/sourcing

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Marketing and branding

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Product launch

How to build an e-commerce poll

Create and launch your poll in three clicks!

We’ve used PickFu on every major creative change. Without PickFu, we would’ve likely wasted over a million dollars, if not much more, on bad creative choices.
John Hefter
Founding member, Thrasio

Involve shoppers early in your production process and all along the way

Sourcing and prototypes

As you source and design products, make sure shoppers like your prototypes.

Packaging and marketing

Ensure your product's packaging and marketing resonate.

Images and infographics

Optimize your online listings by choosing the best photography and infographics.

Polls start at just $15 with no membership required

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Meet the PickFu polls

Head-To-Head polls

Compare photography or packaging options. Or use Head-To-Head polls to test your product against a competitor's.

Ranked polls

Understand what colors or product designs are most popular. Ask respondents to rank what bullet points are most important as they buy.

Open-Ended polls

Showcase your entire website or listing to get general reactions and ideas for improvement.

Click Tests

See what draws attention in crowded marketplaces, whether on a physical shelf or a digital shelf.

See how other e-commerce sellers use PickFu

Whether you're just starting your e-commerce journey or are a million dollar seller, there's a PickFu poll for you.

PickFu polls start gathering responses immediately, giving you answers in minutes not weeks.

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