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What's the best font color for my product packaging?

A product with unique packaging is hard to ignore, whether you’re shopping online or in person. Shape, size, material, and font type are key design elements that influence a person’s buying decision. Font color palette is another. Here’s how to figure out the best color combinations for your packaging to help it stand out.

How to choose a font color for your product packaging

The goal when testing product photos in a PickFu poll is often to optimize a photo for e-commerce. Through testing, you learn which image is likely to get clicks and why. 

But you can also use image tests to optimize your product and packaging, by asking your target audience for feedback on details such as font color.

When testing font colors in a PickFu Ranked poll or Head-To-Head poll, make sure everything else in your image or asset is the same. That way, your audience will focus on just the color variations. Run a Ranked poll to narrow down your options. Follow up with Head-To-Head polls to choose the color or colors that suit your audience and your brand.

You might also run an Open-Ended poll to ask respondents how they feel about a specific color. That’s a good way to analyze brand perception of your product.

About this font color palette poll

This Ranked poll asks 100 respondents to rank 3 font color options for a bottle of leather cleaner foam: all yellow lettering; all white lettering; or a combination of yellow and white. The packaging and logo design are the same in each photo — a black bottle with a red and yellow logo. 

“Based on the design, which product would you rather buy?” the poll asks.

Option B, the all-yellow font color scheme, came out on top with 51% of the vote. Many said the yellow “pops” against the black background. It’s easier to read than the white font and makes for a more cohesive design. A few mentioned that yellow or gold looks more upscale.

But, some respondents who favored the all-white text of Option C raised a good point: the color white ties into what the product does. As one person wrote, “When I think of clean, I think of white.” This goes to show that the written comments you get with every PickFu poll are worth their weight in gold — or yellow.

Based on the design color, which product would you rather buy?

100 people answered this 3 option Ranked poll in 40 minutes.

Selected responses:
A is by far the most legible version, especially the bottom text. C I find very legible as well, but the yellow featured in the product subtitle at the top stands out better in A than the boring looking white in C. B is completely illegible at the bottom of the product and overuses yellow, therefore it is my last choice.
I prefer option C. I like the white contrast against the black. It is easy to read and it is very clear to read. My eyes do not like to try to focus on yellow print. White and black look very clean together.
B - I like the yellow font, it ties in to the logo and makes the bottle a little more interesting. C - the white font doesn't have the color pop like the yellow, but it's fine - easy to read. A - I don't care for the two colors. I much prefer all yellow or all white. Having both colors makes the bottle look broken up.

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