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What makes a good shower head?

Ensure that you're marketing the features that matter most to shoppers.

When shopping for a Handheld Shower Head, which features are most important to you?

50 people answered this 5 option Ranked poll in 22 minutes.

Selected responses:
It was hard to choose between options B E and D because I have long, thick hair and all three of those can be beneficial is helping get soap out of my hair and face fast. I chose B first because it is easier to clean the shower with it plus it may last longer. A detachable head also helps with rinsing off hair and body. Option E is also nice because it's relaxing being able to change the functions. D also helps rinse off my hair quicker.
It's really a close call between C and A, these could very easily be exchanged for me, but I'd rate C just slightly higher. Those two are well and away more important than the other 3, however. I hate having to hire plumbers of mess around for hours to do this kind of stuff myself, so being easy to install is a huge sell to me personally. That's my single biggest hangup with anything related to home improvement and plumbing.
DEBAC First choice and second is for features. Most important is shower pressure and I like that it saves water but doesn't sacrifice pressure. Second choice is the multiple spray options. I probably won't change the setting often that's why it's number two, but I like that it's an option. Last for me is ease to install. I'm pretty handy own a variety of tools and honestly am not that bothered with having to hire a plumber if necessary

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