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Which product images have the greatest impact?

The brain can process an image in as little as 13 milliseconds. In other words, shoppers make snap judgments about your product photos and listings in less time than it takes to blink. They’ll either click, or they won’t. If you sell on Amazon, this really drives home the importance of good product photography and the need for Amazon listing optimization, doesn’t it?

How to optimize your images to get more clicks

Listing optimization and A9 optimization are about improving your click-through rate with main and secondary images that stand out in Amazon search results.

A PickFu Click Test is one of the most effective image optimization tests you can run because it generates a heatmap showing what gets your audience’s attention.

You can test product photos or infographics in a Click Test. Upload your image to PickFu and ask respondents a question such as “Click the area of the photo that draws your attention first,” or “Click on these items in the order you’d eat them.”

You can request between one and eight clicks per respondent. The heatmap shows where people clicked and in what order. Respondents also submit written comments, which you can use to edit and adjust your images and listings.

While click testing is ideal for image optimization, it’s also good for business message testing. Use it to test your ads or social media posts to see which headlines or calls-to-action attract your customer’s eyes.

About this image optimization Click Test

In e-commerce, clicks can lead to sales. The more appealing your main and secondary images are, the more likely a shopper is to click. 

In this Click Test poll, the user tested a nine-image grid to see which ones stand out the most to a target audience of 50 women. The product is a women’s deodorant.

The heatmap tells the story. The top center image was the most clicked. It shows the deodorant bottle in a range of colors with the callout “Made with magnesium oxide.” The top left image and center image, both highlighting the product’s natural ingredients, also did well with more than 20 clicks each. 

The bottom row of images — two of which show a woman with her arm raised, ready to apply deodorant — got the fewest clicks. “Stop showing underarms. We all know what they look like,” one respondent wrote.

Our takeaway from this Click Test? Consumers respond to images that highlight your product’s special features and colorful packaging. Just no underarms, please.

Click on this image set three times based on what catches your eye first, second, and third.

50 people answered this 1 options Click Test poll in 47 minutes.

Selected responses:
The first image caught my attention because it lists all the ingredients in the product. The second image caught my attention next because it highlighted the primary active ingredient and displayed the colors available for the product. The sixth image caught my attention last because it outlined the benefits of a non-active ingredient in the product.
The first thing that I noticed were the three ingredients in the first image in the top left corner. The almond oil, magnesium oxide, and beeswax are all so brightly colored against the blue background so my eyes immediately went there. The second thing I noticed was the lady sniffing the deodorant. Her facial expression looked a little silly so I noticed that next. The third thing I noticed were the brightly colored deodorant packages, specifically the blue and pink ones.
The word natural is bold and stands out in the center of the pics and this caught my eye right away. The picture of the girls underarm is annoying but was hard to ignore and while it would joy promote my buying the product is does make it more memorable. The third choice is also due to the wording highlighted on the brown background that makes it distinctive

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