Track what’s hot (and not)

Improve your customer's experience using heatmap data and first-person feedback.

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Collect 1-10 clicks per respondent

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Interactive testing in real time

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Clicks and comments in one heatmap

When to use a Click Test

Run a Click Test to understand and improve the visual impact of any asset.

Test your marketing 

Use Click Tests to find hotspots and weak spots in your ad, website, or landing page.

Do competitive research

See what stands out and gets clicks on a search engine results page or product listing.

Analyze behavior and preferences

Find out what's important to consumers when they search, browse, and buy.

“There’s nothing more valuable than getting inside your customer’s or client’s head.”
Anna David
Founder, Legacy Launch Pad Publishing

See how Click Tests can help

Whether you sell on Amazon, design mobile games, or publish content,
a Click Test shows you what gets people’s attention.

A Click Test captures respondents' clicks on an image. You can request up to 10 clicks per respondent. Once your Click Test poll is finished, you get a heatmap showing the "hot" spots on your image where respondents clicked. Hover over the spots for a quick view of comments, or select an area with your cursor to get a closer look. Below the heatmap, you can read through all the written feedback, pin interesting comments, and ask follow-up questions.

You'll start to get results within minutes. Polls usually finish that same day, in a few hours or less. The larger and more targeted your audience, the longer it takes to collect all the responses.

Click Tests are priced per response and click, starting at $1 per response and 50 cents per click. Each additional click is 10 cents. For example, a Click Test requesting 3 clicks would cost $1.70 per respondent — that's $1 per response plus 50 cents for the first click, 10 cents for the second click, and 10 cents for the third. The final cost of your poll depends on the audience size and targeting. Learn more on our Pricing page

As Click Tests track visual engagement, only images are supported. Read our image testing guide for a full list of image file types and extensions. If you need to test other types of media, we recommend using a Ranked poll.

We hold our respondent panel and ourselves to the highest standards and constantly work on the back end to maintain them. Between human quality checkers, machine learning, and our built-in feedback system, we can ensure that you get the most reliable feedback.

By the time you finish reading this, your Click Test will already be collecting answers.

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