Click Tests

Click Tests capture 1 to 10 clicks on a single image to form a heatmap. Click Tests help you understand which visual elements grab attention, and in what order.

Common questions asked in Click Tests:

  • Where on this homepage would you click first?
  • If you saw these search results on Amazon, which products would you click?
  • Click on this ad three times based on what catches your eye first, second, and third. 

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Click Tests show you where the eye (and more importantly, the cursor) goes.

What comes with every Click Test

  • 50-500 written responses
  • Ability to capture 1 to 10 clicks per respondent
  • Heatmap of all respondent clicks
  • Access to over 40 targeting traits to pinpoint the exact audience you want to attract
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What you can expect from Click Tests


Respondents undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they treat your poll with the seriousness it deserves.

  • Respondents opt in, they do not answer polls to unblock articles or games
  • Respondents sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • PickFu uses both AI and human quality controls to provide useful answers in your poll

Mix and match over 40 audience targeting traits to pinpoint your ideal customer base.

  • Demographic traits like age, gender, income
  • Behavioral traits like exercise habits and travel frequency
  • Consumption habits such as podcast listeners or buyers of body care products

Respondents who meet your targeting criteria are served your poll on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Responses start coming in immediately
  • You can monitor responses in real time
  • Make changes based on poll results the very same day