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Use PickFu at every stage of your Amazon journey

Faster and more flexible than Manage Your Experiments. Test at every step and get results in hours, not weeks.

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Product research/sourcing

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Main image testing

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Product launch

How to build an Amazon poll with PickFu

Create and launch your Amazon listing test in three clicks!

I’ve never had a way to get immediate feedback from real potential buyers like I can with PickFu. It makes a huge difference to our product listings’ rankings and conversions.
Jeff O'Bryant
CEO and Co-Founder, Leap Stores

Guide your product decisions with consumer insights

Sourcing and prototypes

Test your early product concepts before you invest in them. Get feedback on prototypes and design variations so you know what will resonate with shoppers.

Packaging and branding

Stand out on the Amazon search results page (and against the competition) by choosing the best product branding and packaging design.

Product detail page

Drive more conversions on your Amazon listings by testing your main image, description, bullet points, product photos, A+ content, and more.

High-quality feedback

Reach our built-in panel of 15 million vetted global consumers. Segment based on country, demographics, hobbies, and more so you get the most relevant insights.

Free Amazon mockup generator

Quickly generate Amazon listing mockups for your products (even hypothetical ones). Test against competitors and experiment with different images, prices, titles, and reviews.

Create Amazon mockups
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Polls start at just $15 with no membership required

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Meet the PickFu polls

Head-to-Head polls

Compare photography or packaging options. Or use Head-to-Head polls to test your product against a competitor's.

Ranked polls

Understand which colors or product designs are most popular. Or ask respondents to rank which bullet points are most important to their buying decision.

Open-Ended polls

Showcase your entire website or listing to get general reactions and ideas for improvement.

Click Tests

See what draws attention in crowded marketplaces, so you can stand out in the Amazon search results.

See how other Amazon sellers use PickFu

Whether you're just starting your Amazon journey or are a million dollar seller, you can always benefit from consumer insights.

Amazon seller tips from the PickFu blog

Product packaging tests

Product packaging design is an art, but like other art forms, it’s subjective. The best way to get concrete results is by testing your designs with your target audience.

Boosting Amazon conversions

In the few months since discovering PickFu, our client overhauled main images for several products and brought conversion rates up — in one case, 15% higher than what had been its bestselling style of earphones.

Designing for success on Amazon

Get some Amazon product design tips and tricks from Daniela Bolzmann, CEO and founder of Mindful Goods, an Amazon listing agency that helps CPG brands.

Common questions from Amazon sellers

In a nutshell, Amazon Manage Your Experiments (MYE) is a feature that lets sellers A/B or split test elements of their product pages live on Amazon. 

Although it's beneficial to live test with Amazon shoppers who are browsing your product page, the danger is that half of your shoppers will be viewing a worse-performing option by default.

With PickFu, you can test your product creative and listings outside of Amazon with a built-in audience. This way, you can launch the best version of your listing right away – and keep your other variations private. You can opt to test with only people who shop on Amazon Prime, or you can target even more specific behavioral and psychographic segments.

Not only can you precisely hone in on your audience, but the process of split testing on PickFu is quicker and more accessible than Amazon MYE. Your results start coming in as soon as you publish your poll and typically finish within an hour – compared to weeks with MYE.

The most common polls run by Amazon sellers are:

  • Main product image tests
  • Product design feedback
  • Amazon listing feedback
  • Product concept validation
  • Product packaging tests
  • Competitive comparisons

Yes, we have various poll templates built for Amazon sellers in our Template library. These are pre-built, discounted polls based on our most common use cases.

Yes! We see many Amazon sellers testing against their competition with PickFu and highly recommend it – it's one thing to test your own variations, but you need to ensure your product listing stands out in the Amazon search results.

You can show your main product image or listing alongside your key competitors and ask your audience which one they would rather click on or buy. The Amazon Mockup Generator tool is a great way to easily create listing mockups to test against your competitors.

PickFu polls start gathering responses immediately – giving you answers in minutes, not weeks.

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