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Polls with Amazon Prime Membership-specific Targeting

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  • which logo is the most appealing and why?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I'm a fan of the color palette and font in Option B. The graphics are great in that one. While I like the graphics in both Option C and A, I prefer the colors in B. I'm not personally a fan of the font style in Option A.
    • Option B is the best, it shows a box that when you open it FUN is inside, and that is what you want in a subscription service. The confetti is most effective in showing that. Option C is close behind but the shooting star is less effective showing the fun factor. Option A does not convey the "fun" but rather shows what you are getting is a more high end vibe. The font used is one I associate with luxury branding. If hi end products are to be the offerings this is the best choice. If they are more mundane common items that are to be offered this logo will make someone less enthused about the subscription.
    • Option a reminds me of gift giving for birthdays and events. I like that the box is both closed and opened. It is fun. It is festive. Option C is simple, however sort of looks like a happy meal box from McDonalds. Option 3 is too Christmasy for anything other than Christmas. Option B is the best for most occasions.
    • I like option B the best because it shows the box closed, then open, and it makes it look as if there's a surprise inside. Option A is nice because it's pretty and simple. I don't like option C that much, the colors are nice but I'm not sure about the star on the side.
    • I like the option C the best because the contrast of the colors really stands out and it is more attractive among the rest.
  • What would you call (search term) for this product?

    This is a 1 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • BBQ Gloves or High Heat GlovesThese look like typical BBQ gloves my husband uses.
    • I like the term "The Flame" I think the gloves are very nice and to see the warmth they provide is amazing.
    • Hot Gloves / Flaming Fingers
    • Gloves that can withstand heat
    • High temperature protection oven gloves for all occasions.
  • You have typed in WATER BOTTLE on Which of these photos makes you want to purchase the product? Why?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Gender (Female) and Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I'd be more enticed to click on this one because it's zoomed in, and I'm much more enticed by products when the thumbnail is bigger and close-up.
    • I choose D because the close up shot gives you a more detailed view of the product.
    • The box being larger makes it look like everything was just taken out of the box and looks better, like this is what you're going to get.
    • Option D displays the water bottle prominently and looks more natural than Option C. As stated previously, Option C seems photoshopped.
    • Choice D is more visual to me and stands out as a more bold choice. It is more appealing.
  • Which mug would you buy?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I would buy this mug because it has a good design and the holding and on top are white.I like this mug better than Option B.
    • The other one looks a bit weird. I don't like the color change.
    • The black accents make the cup have a special effect.
    • I chose B due to the nice contrast of color on the handle and rim. I feel like it breaks up the plain white color of the mug and it gives something extra to look at.
    • I like the all white cup the best. my grandma would love this lol
  • Which image is more appealing?

    This is a 5 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I definitely prefer the bears across the board, but I think A has the best layout and it shows the details of the product in a way that I trust. E is similar, but I wish it included a picture (or had) the dice that is shown in A. I really like C and I think the honey pots are cuter than the buckets, but they don't seem to be stack-able -- which I imagine the buckets are -- which could be annoying when it comes to storage.
    • Option c looks like it shows you the most variety of products in the package, which is what I would want. I don't all of the same thing so it's nice you get the bears, dice and other items in Option C. I just like how the image is displayed on Option A. It looks very organized with the bears in the front.D is ok but it doesnt look like you get as much as A so that's why that's my third option.
    • What I find most appealing are pictures that show me specifically what I will be receiving. Text descriptions can be OK, but a picture is much better. Although B seems to be a different product then the others, I see a wide range of stuff that comes with it, so I like it the most. For the rest that show the plastic bears, I like C the most, and second overall. Again this is because it shows a lot of items. E is next because it shows the most between the remaining options. D is similar, but I like the box instead of the bag.
    • I like these three choices look the best because it gives simple product overview without clustering the advertisement. They all look a lot cleaner with the bears lined up in front of the image.
    • I like that my first choice comes with a container for the product and the tweezers for fine motor. I like that option two has a color die.
  • Which image is better as the main picture and why?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I get a better sense of what it looks like and how it functions. Plus I like the image better than the other one.
    • like the big picture it gives me a clear view what it looks like up close
    • Choice A gives a better idea of what the product looks like. Option B doesn't give a good view - just shows that it comes apart.
    • It's hard to tell what the product is by the first photo
    • In choice A, you can tell the item is a tray. In option B, I am unsure what the item is. Also, option A is simpler and more visually appealing.
  • Which one would you buy and why? (price, bundle, main image, value)

    This is a 1 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Amazon Prime Membership (Yes) and Dog Owner (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I would by the puppy teething toys, 6 ct thats 13.99$. My dog will tear apart anything soft or plush, and he prefers ropes and tougher materials.
    • I would buy the third item in, "we chew preimium dog toys". Mostly becuase the dog that is being shown is small, and my dog is small. So in my mind the toys would be appropriate for his mouth/teeth size. I also like the fact theres a dog raining book which I think could be useful. I like the fact it comes in a bag/box which will make it easy to organize. And theres a good variety of toys.
    • I would buy the MLCINI Dog Toys. There is a larger variety of different toys in the product image, which I feel would bring more variance to what my dog may play with. The price also seems most attractive, as I counted possibly 13 toys, which would be the best price per toy for the images shown.
    • I would buy the BK Products LLC Dog Toy collection. The toys appear more durable (rope, etc) and have a nice bag to put them all in. We travel a lot and take our dog with us, so having a little bag to put his stuff in is really nice. Currently, we use a grocery store bag. I also like that there is some variety and not just stuffed animals. My dogs LOVE stuffed animals, but they are shredded in minutes making it a total waste of money. We usually buy stuffed animals from the goodwill or a thrift store in for cheap toys but buy durable toys on Amazon for them.
    • I would buy the Buibiiu 6 piece set. It has enough variety within the set and six toys should be enough for my dog. I tend to not get my dog plush toys because they are not durable and get destroyed in a minute. But that doesn't mean I only get him rope toys. It looks like a cute set which has everything, I don't mind if he destroys a couple of his toys because it's his nature he has to. The rope toys look different in design which I liked a lot.
  • Which photo of the same phone case would you click on Amazon?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I found the #1 image and colors more appealing to me personally. Since I look at my phone case a lot, it matters to me that I like how it looks. The #3 image I found less appealing, so I chose the image which included a pen(?) as my second choice.
    • It's much easier to tell that the case is actually clear and not white/black in this one.
    • I like choice A the most out of all three of them.
    • easier to see the details and get a better idea about the case
    • Option B is the best because it shows how the actual case looks in the clearest way without it being in a phone already. Option C was chosen over Option A because it matches the color of my phone.
  • What do you think of this Amazon Product Listing?

    This is a 1 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • It seems like a good idea. The picture and title get the point across. It just doesn't fit for me, someone who doesn't have any animals.
    • I think the design of the dog carrier leaves more to be desired.
    • I liked the details that was provided and the several photos of examples
    • It is neat and convenient
    • It looks like a useful product and has decent reviews
  • Which main image is the most appealing and makes you want to buy the file box?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • A clear view inside from the top and also of the lid seems like the best option
    • First two options look the best- object placement in the photos looks thought out and professional. After that, the options looked sloppy/careless.
    • these options show off different views & functions of the product
    • I like the option where it shows the whole thing, so I know exactly how it looks like. The other ones were very similar to what I been used to and I wouldn’t expect less.
    • I like selection D because it gives you a close up view of the product including the lid to give you an idea of how sturdy it is. My second choice was A because I liked how the boxes were stacked because it also shows how sturdy they are. My final choice was B as a last resort. I felt out of the remaining images that it was the best that showed the product clearly but not too closely.

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