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Polls with Home Ownership-specific Targeting

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  • What would you change on this web site?

    This is a 1 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Home Ownership (Own). A sample of responses:

    • The graphics are nice but it's lacking information and almost has a fake feel to it
    • The chat is too large and aggressive once you load the page
    • This is a very interesting and neat website. I don't think I have a real use for it but it would be interesting if I did.
    • I like it and see nothing I would change
    • I would give less description on the home page. I dont like having to scroll to find what i need to find.
  • Which 32 ounce container do you prefer to seal your grout? Option D would not include a spray trigger. Would the spray trigger make a difference in your buying decision even if it was a little extra cost for convenience?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Home Ownership (Own). A sample of responses:

    • #1 has ergonomic hand hold placement on the bottle which helps with the tedious task of spraying, #2 comes with two bottles which is nice for getting someone to help with the task, #3 is just a basic bottle which is fine. I didn't choose the full bottle because there is no spray nozzle, it's large, and will require me to buy another spray bottle to pour the liquid into.
    • A becuase it was full package, solution and spout.
    • I like the first two because it shows the company name on the bottle and they are both very usable. I don't like the other options because they are basic.
    • Option A is the best option because it is in an already to use spray bottle
    • yes i would want a spray trigger....dont happen to have an extra laying around!
  • These are two different paver sealer products. Which of these descriptions makes you want to purchase the product? Would you pay more for Option B and why?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Home Ownership (Own). A sample of responses:

    • I would pay more since it covers more
    • This one is easier to read and see the main points. But I wouldn't be willing to pay more.
    • I prefer A because the text is in regular lettering and does not feel like a scam. It is easy to read and the price of $224 seems very reasonable to me. I realize it does not last as long or cover as much as the other option but for me personally, I think it is a better deal since I don't believe the claims often made my products.
    • Yes, I will pay more option B as it seems to have more good properties when compared to A
    • I like option A because it has more detail
  • Which description and title makes you want to buy the product? Why?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Home Ownership (Own). A sample of responses:

    • i like more descriptive summaries because it draws me in
    • Dry within minutes is a strong selling point.
    • More direct infomation.
    • The shorter description is easier to read.
    • i like that option b talks about breathing easy
  • Based on the screenshot, do you clearly understand the service being offered? Why or why not?

    This is a 1 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Employment Status (Full Time), Income ($61 100k, $101k+), Home Ownership (Own), and Age Range (35 44, 45 54, 55 64). A sample of responses:

    • There is nothing like real people giving real testimonials. This service will make a big difference in credibility.
    • Yes, this is a service that will allow video feedback from my customers in a usable format.
    • Yes its a way to gather customer testimony on video that they can do themselves - no need for an in person interview or hiring film crews etc.
    • The image is describing an outsourced product that companies can use in order to obtain testimonials from their customers to use for advertising purposes. It is clear and easy to understand, but each of the three boxes contains subtext that in my opinion is too wordy.
    • This is good-it allows you to get real testimonials and there is a professional doing it and acting as a go between. It seems to simplify evereything and makes something available for small businesses
  • Which "Fireproof Bag" images are more appealing if protecting your valuables at home? How do the images appeal you and what would you do to make the images more appealing?

    This is a 5 option poll with 100 respondents targeting Home Ownership (Own, Own). A sample of responses:

    • I feel like D, E, and A all have a more solid and sturdy design when compared to the other models. They look like they could actually last in the fire where some of the other one looked like they were nothing more than a common cooler. I also like the straps, because it makes me feel like I could get out of the house with it if I had time. To make the images more appealing, may ad the burn time for the product. I would also like to see what one looks like after it had been in a fire.
    • Simple, sleek, and straight to the point. If it's something that's supposed to protect your valuables, it doesn't need to look fancy, just be practical.
    • My first option was easy to choose. It looks secure and strong. I trust that I would be able to put my valuables in this case and not have any worries. The black color with the black piping makes it look like a powerful bag that would not be able to be penetrated so I feel trusting about keeping my valuables in it. I like the shape and the design. My second choice is a close second but the grey piping does cheapen the look of it a little bit. It should not look like an upscale briefcase and that is why I like the all black version.
    • For protecting items at home I prefer options E B and A because they look sturdy. The other 2 options actually look quite nice just not for something to try and protect valuables. I basically just looked at how nice the bag looked as well as if they looked compact and option E was the best out of the 5 options.
    • The premium quality label along with the fact that the briefcase looks most professional made me choose my first option. I like black the best because it is a classic briefcase color followed by silver
  • Which image is more appealing?

    This is a 3 option poll with 100 respondents targeting Gender (Female), Home Ownership (Own), and Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • B- I like seeing families having fun A - they seemed to be posed, unnatural C - nice picture but a picture of kids playing in the water or family playing would have been a lot better.
    • I chose the image with the family. I think this is a great pool for a family with children. The image also shows how much room is left in the pool after a family of four is in it.
    • I voted for the image that made the pool look the roomiest. My last choice was because it made the pool look the smallest.
    • I like Choice A the most because it shows how many people can fit in the pool comfortably. The picture of the family of 4 illustrates that the pool is for adults and children as well. Choice B and C appear to make the pool very small, with barely enough room for the man pictured in Choice C or the 4 adults in Choice B. Choice A though, seems to have plenty of room for the whole family to swim.
    • Option A was the best option because the product is one that a family generally finds useful, so by showing a family using this pool, it is more enticing to me as a buyer. Also, it shows that the item can fit a variety of sizes of people by showing both children and adults. The second pic (choice B) is ok because it shows that multiple people can use the pool. Choice C is the least desirable because the figure in the pool makes it seems as if the pool is very small and only suitable for one person. That would not make the item a good value for the consumer.
  • Which design to you like better

    This is a 2 option poll with 500 respondents targeting Home Ownership (Own). A sample of responses:

    • When choosing something like a garage door opener I am more concerned about its performance than its design. They both look the same, but I like that A mentions the performance that I would be getting.
    • Both options were good but I liked option A better because the of the bold lettering. I didn't like the script on option B, it seemed a bit to "fancy" for the product and because of that made the product unappealing to me.
    • The text is sleeker and more interesting/eye-catching.
    • I choose the B option because i find the design more appealing.
    • The "Bold Design" in option B feels too wordy.
  • If you are shopping for stone, tile, or countertops what name would make you more likely to choose this business?

    This is a 6 option poll with 100 respondents targeting Home Ownership (Own) and Age Range (45 54, 55 64, 65 74, 35 44). A sample of responses:

    • D sounds the most premium then E then F then B. C is boring. A sounds low quality
    • option E for me is the best choice because the name sounds very sophisticated and classy and gives the impression the the products is high class and well made. F is next because the name puts it in a very advanced era of technology- very creative and unique, one of a kind, B although a bland name sound like a one stop shop for everything one is looking for in that product. C is also a bland name but the name signifies that it is not only sell stones but accessories as well. The name D connotates is that the produce is mediocre and not much is put in the product and A is not even a place one wants to buy products to put in your house. It sounds like a place of left overs.
    • I really only like my first choice. The #6 choice is absolutely terrible. No one will be drawn to go to a store with trash in its name.
    • The stone shop shows that it has a solid foundation. It to me, means it is also unwavering and strong.
    • the names and words used that gives a better description of the advert.

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