Political Affiliation Audience Targeting

Polls based on Political Affiliation specific focus groups: Democrat, Republican, and Political-Independent/Other

Polls with Political Affiliation-specific Targeting

Check out 3 surveys targeting political affiliation. Learn how they pose their questions and view the written responses.

  • Who do you prefer for the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee?

    This is a 2 option poll with 100 respondents targeting Political Affiliation (Democrat). A sample of responses:

    • Feel the Bern.
    • I think he's focused on the people more than her. I support what he believes in about education and healthcare. He's definitely focused on the working class.
    • Clinton has both breadth and depth of experience, has specific plans, can give specifics for those plans, and has more knowledge of foreign policy.
    • He's a breath of fresh air
    • I think Hillary is too influenced by money and special interest.
  • Which cover do you prefer for a satirical novel about travel to France, Japan, and Israel?

    This is a 6 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Age Range (35 44, 45 54, 55 64, 18 24, 25 34), Political Affiliation (Democrat, Independent/Other), Travel Frequency (Frequently, Occasionally), and Book Format (E Books). A sample of responses:

    • I went with the most creative options. The ones I would probably most stop in a book store and pick up to flip through to see if the content was interesting to me.
    • I like a cover that represents a little bit of everything, the other covers were a bit too serious or specific.
    • These covers look to me to be the best for the type of book that it is. Satirical would involve some humor and these covers convey that to me. The other covers that I didn't choose, look to me as more of a political(serious type of book. If I am judging a book by it's cover, these are the types of covers I would look for in this type of book.I'm not sure I would even pick the others off of the shelf.
    • I like that D has a cool cover story and the fingerprints are a unique touch
    • I like how this option shows the different ways you can access the book
  • Which sticker design do you prefer for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee?

    This is a 3 option poll with 100 respondents targeting Political Affiliation (Democrat). A sample of responses:

    • I put them in order of the ones that got my attention to the most
    • Having maps that show examples of gerrymandering is helpful
    • The lack of expression on the man's face in A makes it not good to me. B seems best.
    • It attracts my eye the most. I don't like the cartoon guy very much. But I like the red one.
    • I think the first one is the best because it is big and bold. The colors are simple and it is easy to see the gerrymandered districts. The second one also does a good job at that though it is a little less obvious. I don't mind the third one but I don't know why the focus is on Eric Holder and not the districts themselves. I think that would get lost in translation with this one.

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