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Polls with App Store Spending-specific Targeting

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  • Which one is more suitable to be the heroine of a Texas Hold'em game?

    This is a 1 option poll with 100 respondents targeting App Store Spending (Over $100, Under $10, $10 $100), Gender (Male), and Age Range (35 44, 45 54, 25 34). A sample of responses:

    • Personally, I like C. In fact, she looks a lot like the waitresses / chip runners I regularly see when playing live poker.
    • B. I feel like she is the cutest one of the bunch, and the one that a lot of players can lust & relate to.
    • b I think is the most neutral hits both sides of styles
    • B is the best because of the shadows and the lip color. The hair on C might be good on the B model. At least some more shadows on the hair. Blonde is just boring.
    • I think Option B is the happy medium between the two, as she is not too light like the blonde in Option A but also not too dark like the brunette in Option C. I believe Option B would be the perfect blend of eye candy but not overly distracting.
  • Which one is more suitable to be the heroine of a Texas Hold'em game?

    This is a 3 option poll with 100 respondents targeting Age Range (25 34, 45 54, 35 44), Gender (Male), and App Store Spending ($10 $100, Under $10, Over $100). A sample of responses:

    • for me C is my first choice because she the strongest aura among the three.
    • I think that the darker complexion is more suited to anything Texas themed. When I think of poker, I think of old western movies where the heroine is often Hispanic. I know it is a relatively newer game, but it still brings to mind these images to me. I also like the idea of Salma Hayak coming in and beating a bunch of boys at a card game.
    • I like panel C. She is very pretty and the tan and flower go good together.
    • She bears the most resemblance to the girls that work at the actual local card rooms.. that's why I went with her.
    • There should really be a none of the above answer, because for the life of me I can't figure out how any of these skimpily dressed women factor in to being the heroine of a poker game.
  • Which text makes you MOST want to download and play a mobile 3v3 battle game?

    This is a 5 option poll with 50 respondents targeting App Store Spending (Over $100, $10 $100, Under $10) and Play Mobile Games (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I like option C since it talk about being the star! I love being the star!
    • I chose A first because it is nice to know that there is a single player mode because I usually like that mode. Then I guess as I went down the line because it mentions fresh content through the seasons and then the powers, maps and events.
    • I picked B as my top choice as I like how it tells you that you can keep upgrading your character and stats. I picked C as my least favorite as the tagline doesn't tell you much on why you want to become the star player.
    • I like the competition of multiplayer games which is described in the first two I choose. The descriptions about unlocking stuff and having to collect things is a turn off.
    • I chose descriptions that brings me more excitement
  • Which screen do you prefer?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting App Store Spending ($10 $100). A sample of responses:

    • Option B is the easiest to read and see the items you want to focus on
    • I believe the difference in color scheme between the menu bar and the rest of the app within choice C makes it the best option, The lack of the highlighted icon gives a better understanding within Choice A over choice B.
    • The boxes separate and open is just more pleasing to my eye.
    • More color and contrast looks better to me. I also prefer the icons at the bottom in my top two choices.
    • I prefer option C because I think it's more creative. I like the colors of it. I like how at the bottom, the bar stands out. The others are a little plain for me.
  • Which screen do you prefer?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting App Store Spending ($10 $100). A sample of responses:

    • I find D appealing because it is colorful and attractive, it has a very nice content of design with good display, while B is cool and attractive and i like the display content with good design and nice content of screen color, also A looks nice and I belief it has a good idea of screen design and the pleasant color of the image, C looks plesant and simple with good design on the screen but the content is not really attractive to me
    • I like choice D the best because I feel like the lighter colors that are in the background of the actual photo make it stand out more, it stands out more without being bold. My least favorite is the guy meditating in choice C because I feel like that's not really a good interpretation that's not really a good interpretation of building a new routine cuz not everybody meditates but everyone wakes up in the morning so I feel like choice D and B are the two best choices.
    • I chose A first because the alarm clock is what I would be most focused on the ensure the change happens after that I chose B because it felt the most uplifting and motiviating
    • The girl in options B and D look well rested and excited to seize the day. The guy in option C looks sort of silly to me, and I don't like option A. Option A makes me feel slightly anxious instead of excited to learn a new routine.
    • I would suggest avoiding images of people in connection with this concept. A is the best, I like the stopwatch imagery. For C , I guess floating grandpa works but I don't care for it. I really dislike both B and D, I only took D first because of the lady in her Pajamas.

App Store Spending targeting is often combined with age range targeting and gender targeting. Mobile App Developers use app store spending targeting to test app icons and screens before launching.

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