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  • Which cover do you prefer for a satirical novel about travel to France, Japan, and Israel?

    This is a 6 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Travel Frequency (Frequently, Occasionally), Political Affiliation (Independent/Other, Democrat), Book Format (E Books), and Age Range (55 64, 45 54, 35 44, 25 34, 18 24). A sample of responses:

    • I really like the more irreverent and comedic covers such as F and B the most of all of them.
    • If the author wants to really sell this as a humorous book, F is the best cover because it looks the most comical. B is the most cheerful and might make a good cover if the intent is to see how the cultures interplay. I liked A as well because it gave the impression that the author wants to pick the best aspects of all of these cultures and combine them. Of the remaining three, I picked D because it looked the least generic.
    • I chose F first because the novel is satirical, and so is the cover. It's funny, it makes you look at it, and you know it's not going to be a super serious book but something more enjoyable. None of the other choices offered this combination. I chose B second because it was uncluttered, to the point, easy to determine what the contents were about, and easy to see what cultures/countries the book would be about. I chose E for my third choice because I liked it better than all the ones left, at least it had good graphics and cultural representation, but nothing about it screamed satirical or tongue in cheek. I chose C as my fourth choice, but I didn't really like it. I just liked it a wee bit better than the other two that were left. boring and nothing made me want to see what was written inside.
    • I like option F the best, because it has playful characters in a perfectly satirical setting. The cartoon cover looks fun, and I could see myself reading the novel. Option B is next best for me, because the cover is clean, and it shows the different country flags. Option C is next on the list for me, since the black background has a playful contrast to the sights that you can see in the respective countries. Lastly, option A is good because it showcases all three countries in one flag. I like how the background is the sky with the flag waving in the front.
    • I think Option F makes the most sense for a satirical novel. I get that it's not a serious book and more for fun from just looking at the cover. I wouldn't be surprised when I started reading the book. I also like Option C because you get a sense of the 3 places it mentions because of the monuments that are significant to each of the 3 places. Option B and A were just Ok for me. They were too serious and don't convey satire as well.
  • Which image do you prefer?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Travel Frequency (Frequently). A sample of responses:

    • B I like the flowers in the foreground. It makes the room pop. then for C I like the view and it gives a good perspective on the room. A has better light than D and it makes the room more attractive.
    • i would definitely prefer the images that show the outside view as well. the furniture setup is fine as is, but show me what is going on outside.
    • - I love how option A is positioned far back enough to include the dining table and chairs, as well as part of the kitchen (a sink and refrigerator).- I like option D over C, because C looks bare (especially with the vacant room to the right) and does not appear to be as nicely decorated.- Option B looks funny to me because of the angle facing the window straight on, it makes the area look very cramped compared to the others.
    • Those are my favorite views based on what I was looking at as far as eye appealing
    • while ranking the images I imagined myself to be a customer who is looking to rent or buy a house and becasue of COVID restrictions has to take a house tour virtually and cant in person. I also imagined that prior to the house tour I am looking at the pictures of the apartment online and these pictures shown above happen to be those. Keeping the above reasons in mind the pics are ranked based on their ability to show a better and more holistic panoramic view.Option A is ranked 1 since it gives the widest possible view of the apartment and allows the user to get a good idea of what the house could look like and whether it matches their expectations of the house design and the size of the house. Sometimes panoramic images have the drawback that they dont give you an idea of the minor details of the house since the image is zoomed out. But in this case its also possible to zoom into the image so its an added advantage.Option D was ranked 2nd since though it dosent give a panoramic view of the house, it still compared to option C and B gives the best view of the living room. it gives the best and the closest view of the living room upclose.Option B and Option C are both something that are not great in jugding the look of the house but for the sake of ranking, Option C is ranked higher since it gives a better holistic view of the room compared to option B
  • Based on the cover, which book about Thailand for Couples would you rather buy and why?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Relationship Status (Married, Cohabitating With Significant Other) and Travel Frequency (Frequently). A sample of responses:

    • B is the most interesting to me, as the cover photo gives a sense of adventure and fun activities. The landscape is also beautiful. The only thing I don't love about it is the author's name stands out a bit too much on the boat and looks distracting. A is second as it also has a beautiful cover photo that shows not only the water but the beautiful mountains and hills. I like it just a tad less than B because B is just a bit prettier. C is third and is also very nice. It is similar to A but doesn't show the surrounding mountains as much. I like D the least because you cannot see the surrounding land, just the water.
    • I picked B as that’s the one with the boat on the move. It makes me think of a couple making a journey. Seems more fun.
    • Stunning photos! Option A feels as though the boat is inviting me in. I'd love to explore this travel site, as I have never been and did not realize it was so beautiful.
    • They are all good. I like B the best because it indicates that I am headed toward an adventure that could be for singles or couples because the rest of the boat is not shown so there could be two people or no people in the boat. It is pretty clear that there is no one in the other boats. The way the other boats are sitting, it indicates to me that this adventure may already be over.

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