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There's no bad time to use PickFu. The earlier you get outside feedback, the clearer your path forward becomes. Before you start writing code or spending ad dollars, PickFu can build confidence in the strength of your idea. After a product or campaign launches, PickFu can deliver valuable insights for optimization.

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Get feedback wherever your project is and all along the way

Whether you've got just a kernel of an idea or a fully functional product, PickFu helps you make informed decisions about where to go next.

Sample poll questions

Select a phase below to see sample survey questions. You can customize these questions according to your needs or write your own.


At the ideation phase, your project is probably pretty rough. It might be a website mockup, a concept you've been kicking around in your head, or a simple back-of-the-napkin kind of sketch. That's OK. While a traditional A/B test requires you to have a working build, at PickFu, all you need is to convey your idea and ask for honest feedback.

Using PickFu at the early stages of a project

Before you fully commit resources, build confidence that your idea is likely to succeed. Gauge interest in what you're developing and solicit ideas for improvement. Understand the pain points and needs of your ideal consumer. And don't worry — because every PickFu poll respondent signs a non-disclosure agreement, your secrets are safe with us.

Common questions at the ideation stage:

  • "How interested would you be in a product/service that [provides this benefit]?"
  • "Which product would you be more interested in buying?"
  • "Would you use a mobile app that [performs this function]?"
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What do you hate about your shower head?

People ages 25-64

If a version of this product was produced to be free from artificial colors and flavors, how much more would you pay for it?

100 respondents

Which box of healthy food would you rather have delivered to your door?

50 respondents


During the design phase, you're somewhere in between a prototype and a finished product. PickFu is useful to help you hammer out details like layout, colors, packaging, product materials, and the like. This phase is a good time to start comparing your designs to competitors in the marketplace to see where you can develop an edge.

Using PickFu during the design phase

Red or blue? Stripes or polka dots? Serif font or sans serif? Before you purchase inventory or commit to production, have confidence that the design decisions you make are the right ones.

Common questions asked at the design phase:

  • Which product design would you rather buy?
  • Which screenshot do you prefer for [this website or app]?
  • Which character would you prefer to play in this game?
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Which screen for this routine-building app do you prefer?

50 respondents with an app store spend over $100

Which pair of wooden bookmarks would you most like to buy?

100 women

Which Japanese ramen bowl design would you most like to buy?

100 respondents


During development, you bring your vision to life, perhaps by writing code, evaluating product vendors, or editing videos. Depending on the complexity of your project, you might bounce back and forth between design and development a few times before you add any finishing touches. Using PickFu to crowdsource outside perspectives is especially helpful at the design and development phases because you still have time to change course before going to market.

Using PickFu during development

As you develop, it's easy to become consumed by all the work you need to do. Don't forget to come up for air — and for much-needed perspective. PickFu provides a useful gut check as you create and build your project, whether it's an app, website, video, new product, or something else entirely.

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Which theme for a mobile game do you prefer?

50 mobile gamers ages 25-64

Which registration form do you prefer?

50 people

Which of these comment fields do you prefer?

50 people


The big day is almost here. Now is the time to ensure your marketing is as strong as it can be. Have you perfected your pitch?

Whatever your ultimate marketplace, be it Amazon, the App Store, local television, or somewhere else, don't spend a single advertising dollar until you have confidence in the strength of your message. Ready, set, poll!

Using PickFu as you prepare to launch

Make your visual identity as strong as it can be. Message-test your advertising before paying for media. With the help of PickFu, you can ensure your landing pages, emails, videos, and other launch assets will resonate.

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Based on the screenshot, which app would you rather download?

50 people

Which image would you click while on Facebook?

50 Facebook users

Based on the cover, which book would you rather buy?

100 Christians, ages 25-64, who prefer printed books