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Fairest way to poll and gather data

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Compare 3-8 assets in a single poll

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Make fast fixes using same-day feedback

When to use a Ranked poll

From iteration to launch, there's always room for an audience gut check. Ranked choice voting ensures you get the full picture of people's preferences.

Get directional feedback

Use Ranked poll data to improve any asset, from your product packaging to your website.

Analyze the competition

What do they offer that you don't? A Ranked poll reveals the differences and opportunities.

Finalize collateral

Optimize the finer details of your product, photo, or ad before taking it to market.

“An essential part of every major marketing and product development initiative for us.”
Charlie Gilkey
Founder, Productive Flourishing

See how Ranked polls can help

Whether you sell on Amazon, design mobile games, or publish content,
a Ranked poll enables you to make better creative, faster.

Ranked polls use ranked choice voting, a.k.a. instant runoff voting. Respondents rank your poll options in order of preference. The option that earns over 50% of the vote wins. If there's no majority winner, we eliminate the option with the fewest votes, reassign those votes to each respondent's next choice, and count again. This process continues until we have a majority winner. It's a fairer method that uncovers more insights than a standard pick-one poll.

A Head-To-Head poll is a simple 2-option poll where respondents vote and comment on their favorite option. A Ranked poll compares 3-8 options at once, and respondents rank the options in order of preference. There's also a Round Robin poll, in which 3-8 options go head-to-head (A vs. B, B vs. C, A vs. C, etc.) and respondents vote on each matchup. Every PickFu poll includes votes and written comments from respondents. Ranked and Round Robin polls yield the most comprehensive feedback to help you understand your audience better.

You'll start to get results within minutes. Polls usually finish that same day, in a few hours or less. The larger and more targeted your audience, the longer it takes to collect all the responses.

Your poll is priced per response, starting at $1 per response. The final cost depends on your poll format, audience size and targeting, and the number of options you test. Learn more on our Pricing page.

You can upload images, GIFs, URLs, audio files, and videos to your poll. Read our image testing guide for a full list of image file types and extensions. Our video testing guide has a list of video and audio file formats.

We hold our respondent panel and ourselves to the highest standards and constantly work on the back end to maintain them. Between human quality checkers, machine learning, and our built-in feedback system, we can ensure that you get the most reliable feedback.

By the time you finish reading this, your Ranked poll will already be collecting answers.

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