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If a version of this product was produced to be free-from artificial colors, flavors or dye, how much more would you pay for it?

Audience:100 U.S.-based respondents
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100 Responses

About 20 percent more.


I wouldn't pay a cent more in my opinion, don't care about those items


I would pay $3 because it seems like a fair price for a product of this type.


I would pay more for it because I think that it would be safer to take. I would rather children not have artificial colors in their medicine, and I think that it's absolutely crucial for them to have products that are as natural as possible. I would pay more for that.


I would pay 20% more for something dye and additive free.


I would not pay any more for it. I do not believe there would be any additional benefit, so I would not pay any additional amounts for it.


I would pay about 3 dollars more.


I don't think I'd want to pay more for it, it should be made like that in the first place.


4.99, I would possibly pay more depending on if I was needing it in an emergency.


I would not pay any additional premium for this product to be free of artificial ingredients. I do not care about consuming them.


I would likely pay an extra 3 dollars for it. I would like it since, it is a bit healthier for my child, but I wouldn't spend that much extra.


I would be will to pay an extra $2.00.


I’d be willing to pay a couple of dollars more than the store brand with comparable ingredients. I’m not sure exactly what that totals, but I would appreciate a dye free option.


I would pay the exact same price, I find that the flavor of medication is a secondary thing to the actual product. Some hate the flavor that goes into cough syrup but I don't mind and it and I find that it is much more pleasant than what the medication without it would be like. Because it is strictly preference, there shouldn't be a price difference for the same product.


I would not be willing to pay anything more, because I don't think that artificial colors etc are a significant problem, especially in a medication which will not be taken every day.


Not much more to be honest. While those three things aren't great, they're no deal breakers either in if i'll choose that product or not. A very negligible difference.


I would pay up to $4 more than the price of the other cough medicine that does have artificial colors.


This seems like a valuable addition. I would probably pay 20% more for a product like this.


I would. Pay5


Considering all of the above I'll be willing to pay $10


Probably not much more, maybe like 50 cents. I don't care too much about that type of thing.


I wouldn't pay any additional money for it. I do not think those things are that big of a deal. We eat and drink way worse things every day, having that stuff in a medicine you use occasionally is not that big of a deal to me.


I would hope to pay exactly the same price but I would pay up to $1 more if I had to because we avoid artificial dyes and flavors - especially the red ones.


I'd pay up to 3 dollars extra for that


I would pay $2 more for that option as I dont think its that necessary because people dont take this product often.


I would be willing to pay another $1.50 for it under these conditions.


I wouldn't pay any more. This stuff was fine when I was younger.


I would pay around 8-9 bucks for the product without dyes and such


I would only buy like two units at first until I was sure that my child could stomach the flavor and has no adverse reactions with the medicine.


I would pay up to $10 for it


probably a dollar or two extra. I'm not a parent but I imagine that I'd be extra careful about additives my kids ingest, so since this is a children's product it would be more motivating to pay more.


I think 10 dollars is a fair price if this product delivers on what it promises. It is obviously useful and necessary, so I think 10 dollars is fair.


I would purchase this product for 10 dollars.


My kids are sensitive to red dye, so I'd pay 2.00 more on average. Probably more if it was something they had to take regularly. But for something like this once in awhile, I'd pay 2.00 more above the regular.


I would pay 10% more for those guarantees.


a few dollars more than without any of that. i try not to use any of these products anyways unless i have to. and i hate artificial cherry flavor.


I'd pay about 5 dollars for it


It should not cost more to have one less ingredient (red dye) then it does now.


I would pay 5 dollars more for a better version as I want to have the best medicine for my children.


8 to 12$; I like that it doesn't have dye or fragrance.


I wouldn't pay any more than normal. I feel like it should be the standard and I shouldn't have to pay more for something that should be natural.


I would pay eight dollars.


I would not pay any extra for this


Not a lot. Perhaps A dollar or so additional. I wouldn't be drinking it like water or soda, so I don't need it to be 100% organic for just a teaspoon now and then.


8.99 seems fair for it.


I would pay $2 more for those additional features. I like the idea of not putting more fake dyes & flavors into my kids, so it's worth a bit of extra money to get a product that fits this need.


$4 because I doubt my child would take it more than once because most likely it tastes bad without the additives.


To have the product free from dies in colors and essentially keep my child or my family and self safe I will pay another two dollars for that extrta secure feeling.


I think that I would be willing to pay $8 because this seems like a fair price for cough medicine.


I would be prepared to pay 25% more because I believe that products should be as natural as possible, especially when it is something that a child would take.


I would be willing to spend up to two extra dollars on the product if it was more all natural.


I would pay $2 more.


As someone who has no known issues with dyes and artificial colorings, this is really an afterthought, so if both versions were side by side, I'm going with whichever one is cheaper.


$10.00 is what I would think is fair.


love the red background matches the flavor


If the Mucinex Children's Cough Syrup were made without artificial colors, flavors, or dye, I would only pay an extra $1 for it. Artificial colors, flavors, or dye don't bother me, so I can't justify more than that.


I would pay 50 cents more for it. I do not buy that artificial flavors and dyes have an adverse reaction to people. In my opinion there is not enough proof that those added things will do any long term harm. But with that being said if it was only a little more expensive I would go with the all natural option.


i'd pay about 15% more as that is a rough ballpark of industry standard for such kinds of organic things


This looks as if it would be really kid friendly. Most people are familiar with this character. But I think it would be better as a kid the main character.


probably another few dollars for it. it's not worth spending that much more as the bulk of what you want is already in the product


I would be willing to pay 50 cents more for this product to be free of dyes, flavors, and artificial colors.


I would be will to pay 1-2 dollars more to have it be free of any synthetic and artificial ingredients. It would make a mother feel good about giving it to their child instead of the small trepidation you feel with the artificial dyes and colors. It would give her peace of mind and be doing a good thing.


For an all natural product, I would be willing to pay about 10 percent more. It seems fair.


I would pay an extra dollar for this. I believe medicine should always use the best ingredients, and I would definitely pay a premium for higher quality.


4.56 is a good mid range price


If a version of this product was produce free of artificial ingredients, I would pay 10% above the price of the original version. I feel it's important that products designed for children be free of artificial ingredients. I think parents would be willing to spend more for products knowing that these products will pose no harm to their children.


I wouldn't pay any extra - I'm not worried about artificial flavorings or dyes, since I haven't seen evidence that they cause harm. I hate getting stuffy noses, and this looks like a useful product for sure!


$14.99 no more than what amazon sells it for in other words


I would be willing to pay $3 to $5 additional because of the special attributes of this product.


I would pay 11.99. I think this is a good brand and works well. Mucinex is always high priced but it does work very well so people me included purhcase it.


I would pay 4 dollars


I actually would not pay more for a product free of those things, I do not think that in the small amount of them that would be in a cough medicine would be harmful in anyway, and being a parent the cost of necessities is the biggest factor that I consider when making a purchase.


I don't care about artificial flavors, colors, or dye so it wouldn't affect the price I would pay for any item.


I would pay an additional $5 to ensure that it’s safe for my child.


I think this product would be worth around 12.99.


I would pay at least $2 or $3 more. I think it's really important to have it be free from artificial colors, flavors & dye. It would make it more organic and natural.


would not buy it with some sort of flavoring


$18.99. I trust the Mucinex brand and would use a coupon to get the price down without sacrificing perceived quality.


I like the idea that some medicines can be created without dyes or artificial flavors, so I would be much more inclined to purchase something that boasts a more natural composition.


That makes this product unlikely to be on my list. As much as I dont like additives, flavors would be crucial for me to take this product


I would pay about 10% more given that it's natural ingredients! I expect it to be a bit more as that is always the case but nothing too crazy.


A good price for this product I think would be ten dollars for what it is that you get. Its a children's product and not an adult product so I would say it isnt worth a premium price. But I think that the ten dollar mark would be well worth it for this product. I think the company could still make a decent profit if this cost ten dollars. I think this product looks like it would be great for children and it would help them with any minor sickness they get throughout the year.


I would pay around 5-10 percent more for this if it had natural dyes.


I would not pay any more as it should be like that anyways. If it’s so bad, why make it that way?


i would not pay anything additional for it. it should be like that by default


This would not be a situation where I would pay more for that. Why not just do that in the first place?


25% premium of the normal edition, 6$?


I would be willing to pay 10% more if it was all natural.


I would pay a few dollars more because I feel it'd be healthier that way.


I would pay a $3 dollar premium.


I would pay a maximum of $4 dollars more, but $2 is more reasonable.


I would probably only pay a few cents more because I'm not really sure that the artificial coloring really worries me much.


$8. I no artificial things affect some people, but I don't feel that I gave my kids these products so often that a little bit of color or flavor affected them.


I would probably pay about 2 dollars more for it.


I am not too picky on the taste of medicine but I think that maybe an additional 2 dollars per bottle.


I feel that I wouldn't pay more for being free of artificial colors, flavors or dye. I think most brands should already be implementing that. They should easily steer clear of artificial colors and dyes already.


Honestly it wouldn’t be a big enough deal to pay extra for it. I would pay for it to make me or my kid in this situation better, not so much for dye or anything like that. I just don’t think it’s that big enough thing to affect price change.


$2 more because it sounds like it would be reasonable.


I don't see those things as a big deal, really, but I'd be willing to pay up to $1 extra.


I'm a bit surprised by the price in general after the other one. I wouldn't expect regular cough meds to cost any more than about four or five dollars for so few ounces, so I definitely wouldn't want to pay any more than ten for a specialty item.

Age range 25-34 (42)
Education level Bachelor's Degree (57)
Gender identity Male (63)
Income range $31-60k (38)
Racial or ethnic identity White (80)

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