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Polls with Gardening Interest-specific Targeting

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  • These images are for the same product. If this product was on the first page, which one would make you click to purchase?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Gardening Interest (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • The more there is to look at n the page the more likely I am to click on it.
    • The product displays both articles at the same time will let the customer with enough information about the product and what contains.
    • My first option is the best because this option lets me know that this product is available in six different herbs. No other option lets me know that and there is no way to know that without option 1. If I wanted this product but in Rosemary and I only saw option 2 I would not get it because that option does not let me know it is available in Rosemary
    • It looks neater with all the angles and no text.
    • The one with the potted plant and list of herbs is too "busy"
  • Which designs do you like?

    This is a 8 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Gender (Female), Gardening Interest (Yes), and Age Range (25 34, 18 24). A sample of responses:

    • C has the most interesting design pattern in my opinion and doesn't purely repeat something over and over but does something unique. It has nice color choices and draws the eye right to left across it from the darker area to the lines in it over across those lines to the left side. It just looks beautiful. B is a fun pattern and would really stand out in most places and I like the way the pattern is layered into itself even though it's a repeating pattern, makes it a bit less typical. F has another cool pattern and the opposite effect to B. The light coloring and makes it blend into almost any scenario you could imagine. It would look natural wherever it is set down. D has such a bright and fun pattern and although it's less typically practical it would be a fun piece to brighten up any room. The abstract pattern is also very nice and pleasing to the eye. E has this leathery look I love and in the right room it'd be the best option but for my own personal home it wouldn't look good at all and that had me rank it "last" of the 5 but still ranking.
    • So these choices are a matter of opinion as per usual, but I was also thinking about it as the cover for a pot or a bag for a plant. My choices were based on what designed felt modern and didn't clash with the plant I might be putting. Since most plants have green or brown stems I didn't want to choose something that clashed with my house plant. Choice B was the best, because the pattern was repeating and pleasing to the eye. It seemed modern and the black/white coloring choice could fit into almost any house. I know I could buy B for myself or others and it won't be tossed aside because it didn't match. Next came G and A for this reason too, but I liked G more than A because of the leaf relief on it. Yes they are green but there is enough white space around it with differing greens to say "Hey, I am a plant, I belong with your plant, look at me!". Choices E and D were okay, not what I would really pick but of the rest of the choices more professional looking for my interior.
    • The decor in my house is pretty bland (brown leather sofas, metal/wood bookshelves, so I would look to the planters that have pops of color/ eye catching designs (D and B and A). I really gravitate towards D and B. I like the print of G, but not for a planter because I would probably have a different looking plant in there so I don't see it going very well. If I were buying a bunch, I would probably want a bold pattern in neutral colors like A or F.
    • made my choices based on the designs that I like
    • I actually really like all of the choices, but I picked based on which ones I thought were the most neutral and would go in the most places.
  • Which succulent plant pot design style would you personally prefer purchasing? Why would you buy it and would you pay more for one or the other style? Option A is made of biodegradable material and recyclable wood with 3D printing . Option B is ceramic

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Gardening Interest (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • The other one has way too many vivid and contrasting colors for me.
    • I liked the bronze trim
    • I would definitely choose option A as with biodegradable is more than enough for me, plus it looks more elegant. I would pay more for option A
    • it is design and look is good.
    • I would love to have many of these different designs and I'd be willing to pay more for these creative, unique and artistic looking designs. Being biodegradable and from recycled material makes me think I'm helping the environment as well.
  • Please review this info product sales page: Then answer this question: Why would you buy? OR Why would you not buy?

    This is a 1 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Gardening Interest (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I would not buy because it doesn't look trustworthy. Too much text (have to scroll a lot), a lot of it seems copy pasted and the fonts/design seems low quality
    • I would not buy as it is selling a book containing information that is readily available on the internet for free. If trying to sell this information I would recommend bundling with a grow light or other gardening supplies to make it more appealing to the customer.
    • I wouldn't buy this product because the page looks like one of those cheaply designed ads driven by an ad network where the content is written by someone else and the layout looks like a desperate attempt to sell a product. The pictures are generic. The writing is generic. I would pass on this right away. I would need to see youtube videos embedded to where the site owner shows me their love and passion for the business. I would need to see original photos. I would need to see a better layout. In it's current state I wouldn't buy this at all.
    • I'm not really a fan of the web site design it doesnt give me confidence its professional
    • I probably wouldn't buy the book because it sounds like the book is Step One of your purchase and Step Two would be additional funds that you would be spending for another device or gadget. I just don't care much for the advertisement. It's like one of those " this is how you make money fast" TV commercials. I would not buy this. I think it should be marketed differently.
  • Based on the image, which product which you rather buy?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Gardening Interest (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I like the clean white package. I also like the images of the herbs that appear on both C and A.
    • I like the brown bag packaging, it looks more natural. I also like the images of the herbs on the package, more realistic
    • I love this one because it is the clearest and easy to read. I can clearly tell of the herbs included in the package. I also like that it is made on recycled paper or what looks to be recycled paper. I love that it is made in the United States and Non-Gmo.
    • colors, fonts, and how the design of the package is laid out and presented is in the order in which I made my choices but C is by far the best for it's smarter and more clean look
    • I like option B because it looks the most natural and healthy. I put option A in last place because the bright green is just harsh and unattractive to look at.

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