Gardening Interest Audience Targeting

Polls based on Gardening Interest specific focus groups: Gardener and Non-gardener

Polls with Gardening Interest-specific Targeting

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  • These images are for the same product. If this product was on the first page, which one would make you click to purchase?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Gardening Interest (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • The one with the potted plant and list of herbs is too "busy"
    • The more there is to look at n the page the more likely I am to click on it.
    • My first option is the best because this option lets me know that this product is available in six different herbs. No other option lets me know that and there is no way to know that without option 1. If I wanted this product but in Rosemary and I only saw option 2 I would not get it because that option does not let me know it is available in Rosemary
    • It looks neater with all the angles and no text.
    • The product displays both articles at the same time will let the customer with enough information about the product and what contains.

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