Primary Mode Of Transportation Audience Targeting

Polls based on Primary Mode Of Transportation specific focus groups: Bicycle, Bus, Car, Carpool, and Subway / Train / Light Rail

Polls with Primary Mode Of Transportation-specific Targeting

Check out 2 surveys targeting primary mode of transportation. Learn how they pose their questions and view the written responses.

  • Which car air freshener would you buy?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Primary Mode of Transportation (Car). A sample of responses:

    • When choosing a car scent, I first and foremost care about the scent, and if it is a nice design that makes it more appealing. Second is long-lasting, because I do not want to have to think about it often and would pay more for an air freshener that lasted longer. Last is eco-friendly, for while I car about the environment, a car air freshener is not something I would think about when I think of things that may be harmful to the earth.
    • Not a fan of intense smells
    • I like to have a fresh car, but do not like to see the freshener nor do I like to have to change often, so I picked B for number one. The clean modern design speaks to me more than the therapudic scent, so I went with A and then C
    • Option B was my first choice for a couple reasons. First, I like the idea of being able to hide the air freshener or at least make it more discreet looking. Second, I prefer that it has a scent that is long-lasting and may not need to be replaced often. For Option C, i liked the therapeutic portion though that was the only feature that stood out to me, which I would prefer. Finally, option A didn't seem to offer any benefits other than a great scent that would be good, but I think is implied with most air fresheners.
    • I like C the best because I like the idea of it being eco friendly and I also like that it has a therapeutic aroma. It sounds like it would be a calming scent for driving, which I would like. A sounds like a good choice too because the modern design would look good in my car and I like that it has a great scent. B sounds okay and I like that the scent would be long lasting but not sure I would need it hidden.
  • Which car air freshener would you buy?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Primary Mode of Transportation (Car). A sample of responses:

    • I like B the best because I think that it's pretty cool to have something that would grow after use. C came next because I like having more control on how strong the scent will be.
    • B: I love the idea of recycling by planting! A: I don't care that it's "hidden", but essential oils are wonderful and preferable to artificial scents. C: too many parts to keep track of; not practical.
    • i like the looks
    • Choice #1 looks the best and most useful.
    • I would choose B first because I love the premise of the product. I love how eco friendly it is and that I can use it after it is done smelling to plant pretty flowers. It is a good value because it no only serves its original purpose of an air freshener, but also turns into something else that can be enjoyed when it is done being an air freshener. I would choose C next because It would be very long lasting since it comes with a spray to refresh it every couple of days. I really like that the different oils help with different things, especially motion sickness. I would chose A last because it isn't as mutipurpose as the other options.

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