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  • Which is your favourite tiger for children's wall art ages 5-9 (if you already voted last time please pass)

    This is a 6 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Age Range (45 54, 35 44), Ethnicity (White), Income ($101k+, $61 100k, $31 60k), and Number of Kids (3+, 2, 1). A sample of responses:

    • I like E and F the most because I feel like they are fun designs but a little bit less abstract in design than B. Some of the other choices are a little more muted in terms of color brightness like C.
    • i like the refinement of the first 2 images that I chose. You could go more cartoonish, but i just like crisper photos. I chose the one I thought looked the best
    • I love the use of different tones of orange in C, it makes him appear more 3D and realistic. He also appears to be smiling. I also like D--by turning his head, he appears curious, which is something children in this age range should be.
    • looks more realistic with direction of travel and skin/hair stripes
    • I picked option C as my first choice, The tiger in this image seems to have more depth and detail in the stripes, It isn't as heavy looking, and it also looks a bit more realistic as a result. It also doesn't seem to look as simplistic as some of the other images.
  • Which image do you prefer for the happy birthday banner?

    This is a 7 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Number of Kids (2, 3+, 1). A sample of responses:

    • I like Option E the best with the gold that looks like letter balloons. Option F is festive and colorful so I picked that as my second choice. Options G and A are straightforward but still colorful and would work well for either gender. Options B and C look a bit too large and overwhelming to me. Option D I just don't like unless it is for a child that likes superheroes or something.
    • i like the font and the spotlight on the B
    • I like option a and b because they just seem so classic. neutral colors so anyone can use them. Depending on the area around, E might bbe my favorite too. It's got a very clean look. Didn't really like the C D or G. They just seem either 80's or annoying looking.
    • F, A, B, E, and G are all very traditional, nice, sweet, and festive. I like that D has a superhero, comic vibe that is fun for boys. C makes me nostalgic for the 1980's and is appropriate for someone of that generation.
    • D and C seem outdated and un-cool. I like B, F, and A because they are festive, bright, bold, colorful, and tasteful.
  • Which font color should I use for this Etsy listing?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Number of Kids (1), Amazon Prime Membership (Yes), and Gender (Female). A sample of responses:

    • Te glitter just appeals more to me.
    • I chose oprion Because I liked the green the best. The red would look nice if it wasn't glitter. To me the glitter makes it seem a little more girly. For me that would be amazing but if I ordered for my son I would probably choose the green.
    • I think the green would stand out in the ad more.
    • option A" follows with the theme of the shirt, there is more red and the green. The green in my opinion will look forced and a bit out of place. the red will make the entire theme cohesive
    • Although the picture in B is brighter, I like the deeper red font in Choice A. I also believe it won't fade with washing. The colored papers of green and red make the fonts look different. The green makes the font stand out more but the fonts with the red paper seem deeper.
  • What features attract you the most as a Baby Balance Bike (for 12-36 months babies)?

    This is a 8 option poll with 100 respondents targeting Amazon Prime Membership (Yes) and Number of Kids (2, 1). A sample of responses:

    • safety of baby is main important so stability is main and wheels should be good and wide seat ..Always checks for baby comfortable rather than price
    • I am very much interested in the safety of the baby. I prefer my baby don’t fall of or the wider seat.. anything that provide that type of safety.
    • The key to these products is the stability, so that has to be number 1. Price is always big for me, so that's why it's up there. And of course, it needs to be safe, and the rounded corners will help that. I hate assembling things, so that's why that comes next. The rest are just kind of "nice to have." The last item, I don't really care about at all.
    • I choose Option G Baby Balance Bike for my baby. Option G Bike is soft and nosiness. wheels
    • I believe stability should be the top consideration in a baby bike. The baby bike should be easy for the child to use and get familiar with. they should use the bike with no effort and train to use a regular bike
  • Which image do you prefer for Jollyidea Silicone Spoon Rest Set?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Number of Kids (3+, 2, 1), Age Range (35 44, 25 34), and Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • C, B, and D because it shows all the parts that come with it. Choice A doesn't show all the parts and I like to see what the package entails.
    • Less of the box and more of the products looks better.
    • I like a straightforward display. I like to be able to gage the size of the products. Option A is a mess.
    • Based on how I felt it was coming out of the page at me
    • Option C has all the products easier to see and how they look compared to the other choices.

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