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  • Which image do you prefer for Jollyidea Silicone Spoon Rest Set?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Amazon Prime Membership (Yes), Age Range (35 44, 25 34), and Number of Kids (1, 2, 3+). A sample of responses:

    • This does a better job showing how it fits together
    • I like this image of the set the best because the way it is laid out allows you to see all of the products up close yet the arrangement of them does not make the picture look cluttered and you can see everything clearly.
    • D and B give the best overall impression of the product
    • I voted based on how appealing the product images were to me compared to the others and which ones I would click on in the real world.
    • i thin it showcases the all the products it comes with the best
  • Based on the images, which products would you buy? Face only or whole body?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Number of Kids (3+, 2, 1) and Gender (Female). A sample of responses:

    • I chose option B because the animals have more details to them with the full bodies in some of the images. I think the full bodies add more to the animal and make them cuter.
    • I would purchase the whole body for it really shows the animal but I may purchase the other also, it would depend on what I was going to do with them.
    • I like the whole body. These look so much cuter and I would have to have them.
    • Prefer B I like the bright colors used. I like the designs
    • Fun and playful
  • From the presented Silicone placemats with food catcher designs, which one you think would me more efficient? Those without Suction cups or with Built in Suction cups and increased thikness?

    This is a 3 option poll with 100 respondents targeting Number of Kids (2) and Gender (Female). A sample of responses:

    • Option A is sturdier looking and the area for food looks larger. Option B is very boring looking and Option C looks very much like a childs mat for toddlers to eat on.
    • I like choice C best because it seems to have suction cups and the catch tray is nice and wide. Choice A would be my 2nd choice, I like the wide catch tray and the size of the catch tray. Choice B does not appeal to me. the catch tray is to narrow and small, not even the width of the place mat.
    • I can see how big the item is better in option B. I like the red color over the grey.
    • A is definitely most efficient as it as a wide catcher and is a large area to capture any type of food; C covers the full width of the placement, which is better than choice B, but is narrow and may miss catching some food particles. B is the most minimal of the choices and least efficient. I think suction cups help to keep the mat in place and recommend that over none.
    • I don't like the suction cups at all. I think they will cause more harm than good. I think you end up making bigger messes when trying to undo a strong suction
  • Which store front would most likely influence you to buy baby products from?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Number of Kids (3+, 2, 1) and Parent (Parent). A sample of responses:

    • Option B draws me to it right away because I am always interested to see what other babies/children eat so I can get some meal ideas. I know that's not the point, but that one caught my attention right away. I like Option C next since it seems to have a wide variety of items to meet all different types of needs. The same goes for Option D. I think Option A is a little lacking in variety.
    • That looks most like a storefront instead of a collection of pictures
    • Option C is best as it shows interactions between a mother and child while using the products.
    • C is the most interactive, engaging, and realistic. A and D are both heart warming. B is too limited and does not focus on real life enough.
    • I like option B because overall it feels like the website is less cluttered.

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