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  • Which of these PC Game Cover banner would make you click and take a look at the game?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Age Range (25 34, 35 44, 18 24) and Play Mobile Games (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • Choice D is my top pick because I like how the hospital in the background has the giant pill logo to add to the silliness. It fits in well with the rabbit controlling the giant injector machine and the fish doctor. I also like how the cart and patient are bigger and in the front center. Choice C was second for me because I liked how it's layout was done better compared to Choice B. I liked how the masked bird holding the pill and man on the cart were front and center with the woman as opposed to being more in the background. It makes them all seem to be of equal importance. Choice A was last and is the only one I would not click on because the fire and lava rocks seem totally out of place.
    • This looks incredibly weird, like some sort of deranged doctor game. It does not look like something I would choose to click on. But, if I had to choose I"d choose the female human doctor rather than the animal.
    • I definitely prefer the banners with the woman as opposed to the rabbit/animal. I find it to be a more appealing character. I think C is the best out of all the options as it's not as visually "busy" as the others.
    • I would be most attracted to clicking on the banner in option C. The female nurse character fits a game named "Healing Spree" well. I like how it shows a patient in critical condition in the forefront next to the nurse.
    • The female character and the lighter color makes it more appealing followed by the female character and darker color. They make the game seem dynamic.
  • Which handbag would you rather buy?

    This is a 8 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Age Range (18 24) and Gender (Female). A sample of responses:

    • G is the best bag for me because it is the only one that I would actually like. The rest of them seem more joking than anything and I would not get any utility from them.
    • i basically went with the designs that weren't the worst in my eyes from most favorite to least favorite.
    • Option F is the cutest and most charming of all the options in my opinion. I'm a big fan of puzzles and the box design of the bag is a cute fashion choice. C is my second choice because the light blue color of the milk carton is really sweet, and the idea of the bag is cute. E is where I start to think the bags are cute, but ultimately impractical, as in I'd own them but never use them. The phone idea is absolutely great, but I'd likely not wear it. B is similar in that I like the boxy design, but wouldn't wear a takeout container with my outfits. G and A are a little too gimmicky for me, and I don't like sports or the retro vibe of A. H is too busy of a bag in my opinion, despite the ice cream truck looking well done. D looks a bit too rugged for my tastes with the studs showing through the red leather.
    • I think all of the handbags have fun and unique designs. I personally use handbags that are more neutral than those, but I picked B as my first choice because I feel like I would use that one the most. I happen to really like to eat Asian food, and I have an interest in Asian culture. I picked D as my second choice because I have always liked dinosaurs, but I'm not sure if I would use it as often as B. I picked F as my third choice because I like how colorful it is, and it would go with a bunch of outfits. I also like it almost as much as B and D. I picked G as my fourth choice because even though I am not a huge fan of basketball, I still like the bag design. I picked H as my fifth choice because I like how fun and playful it looks, but I also think it looks like a child's handbag, so I would probably buy that for a kid before I would buy it for myself. It would make a great gift for a little girl. I picked E as my sixth choice because I felt the same way about it as I did looking at H. I picked A as my seventh choice because it looks like a nice bag, but I don't personally use as many products that have lip designs. I picked C as my last choice because I think the milk carton design looks cool, but I don't think I would ever use it, so I wouldn't buy it.
    • I love dinosaurs/animals so the red dinosaur bag is one I would actually use. Plus it made the most sense out of all the options.
  • What do you hate about your shower head?

    This is a 1 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Age Range (55 64, 45 54, 35 44, 25 34). A sample of responses:

    • My shower head tends to get calcium buildup over time. When this happens little white "stones" block up some of the water flow, this cause the shower head to sometimes spray water sporadically, including out of the shower. I wish I had a shower head that would consistently spray water the same every time I took a shower. Even after cleaning and removing the calcium deposits, it just does not spray the same.
    • a lot of hard water mineral deposits build up on the shower head and it is hard to clean off
    • It is not high enough. It is not hard enough. It is boring. I would love a disco showerhead that plays music that goes along with some led lights. I want it to have a speaker. I want every shower to be a disco party. Rainbow lights, speaker. I also don't like cleaning the calcium out of it. A timer so my showers don't get too long.
    • Right now, I don't like the looseness in the head. It can reposition too easily and needs to be tightened.
    • I hate how narrow the stream is. There is good water pressure but it is not wide enough and doesn’t cover my whole body. There isn’t a way to change the stream and make it wider either
  • Which product name do you prefer for a platform which helps small and medium sized businesses manage their Cyber Security needs?

    This is a 5 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Education (Bachelor's Degree, Graduate Degree), Small Business Owner / Side Hustles (Yes), and Age Range (45 54, 35 44, 25 34). A sample of responses:

    • I chose B because I like the idea of a center being the focal point, which is key to security.
    • E and D sound the most fun and would appeal to kids the most
    • A is quite novel and original. E is somewhat nice with the HQ that makes it very appealing. C is well formed but not unique like and E. B and D are quite similar to each other. They are not novel and original
    • They're all pretty good but centralization sells the concept
    • I feel like with this name I have an advantage in using this service. Plus it sounds more modern than the rest of the names.

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