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  • Based on the cover, which book would you rather buy?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Books Read Per Month (1 3, 4+). A sample of responses:

    • Better to see the dragon in the background.
    • I like the hand drawings of the art.
    • I like that it has the armor in B. I gives a dark look to the book cover.
    • I like A better because it actually had dragons on the cover. B looks like they photoshopped random armor pieces on the cover.
    • It looks more mysterious and graphic
  • Based on the description, which book would you rather buy?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Books Read Per Month (1 3) and Literary Preference (Non Fiction). A sample of responses:

    • The beginning of B is all about the reader. They can connect with it immediately and want to read more. ChoicemAmtakes a bit to,get to that point and the reader may already be gone.
    • The opening sentence invites the reader to move forward. After doing this, A also flows much nicer
    • Sounds more geared to people with average lives.
    • Seems like the story is more imaginitive and would be a much more enjoyable read to me than option A
    • A is much more straight forward and I have a better understanding of the book.
  • As a reader of heroic fantasy, how likely would you consult this companion book to find out about the series?

    This is a 1 option poll with 100 respondents targeting Literary Preference (Fiction) and Books Read Per Month (4+, 1 3). A sample of responses:

    • I have always found companion books helpful. Sometimes when an author is writing a book of at least 1000 pages, certain things can not be explained as thoroughly as in the book. Authors are free to provide additional information about the characters or about the setting. For Example, a companion book can contain recipes from that period.
    • I do like fantasy and weapons too so a detailed guide companion book would be helpful and interesting to flip through for reference.
    • I don't find the cover appealing, but might want to consult this if I was reading the series
    • Font selection was good and perfectly matched for the title.
    • The only heroic fantasy I have read is Harry Potter. I have no interest in the book.
  • Which self-help book would you buy?

    This is a 3 option poll with 100 respondents targeting Books Read Per Month (1 3, 4+). A sample of responses:

    • The red cover makes the book stand out and is easier to look for
    • A looks appropriate, the cover works to deliver the intention of the book, it is appropriate, B comes next, it also has a very catchy presentation, Calso works, it has a good information presentation an it is attention catchy, the others just look better.
    • Professional label and good information
    • I voted based on the design, color and font selection of the book.
  • Which book would you buy?

    This is a 5 option poll with 200 respondents targeting Small Business Owner / Side Hustles (Yes), Books Read Per Month (1 3), and Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • E - This tempts me most to buy the book as it uses the words "Like a Pro". It also gives me a timeline (90 days) and it tells me what the aim is "to attract more Saas Customers". This Title also flows when reading it.B-I like the "How To". The Title tells me clearly what the book is about and what I'll learn. Just not quite as tempting as E.C-I like the word "Blueprint". It is descriptive and straight to the point. The Title also gives me a goal (to 1000 customers and beyond). And the word "startup" is appealing as I feel if I was looking to buy this type of book, I could identify with being referred to as a startup.D-This Title is a bit dull overall, although I do like the word "build" and the fact it mentions the measured goal of "90 days".A-This is too wordy and uses a bit too much jargon for my liking (B2B/Saas). The title does not flow well when trying to read it.
    • Very cool and descriptive!
    • I chose option C first because it used no industry specific jargon and clearly explained what the product is and what it is for very concisely.i chose option A second because I like the limited amount of jargon and it's easy to understand what it means contextually.i chose option D third because it was the most succinct.
    • I choose E. With so many things going digital, I feel like this one would be more of what I would need if I was a start up company.
    • I like C because it is concise and I think it would be easiest to understand for pros and beginners alike. B is also easy to understand but is a bit clunky. I like that A explains what SaaS means in case the reader doesn't know but the phrasing is not as good as C. D and E are about equal to me; they would appeal more to professionals and E especially sounds kind of long and clunky for a title. I would think that C and B would be the easiest books for me to understand.
  • Which pen name do you like more? Context: I write histories, biographies, and historical fiction novels for men and women aged 25 to 50.

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Books Read Per Month (4+, 1 3) and Audiobook Listener (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • Of the three choices, option C was my top choice. I like the way it sounds and think it would attract the reader's attention. Option A made me think of the singer of the band Korn. Option B was just OK.
    • Choice C sticks with me, Choice B sounds made up and Choice a is forgettable.
    • I like John Paine the most because I feel the name fits in really well with early American history (various founders named John, as well as Thomas Paine). Second I liked option A, John Davis, because it felt like a strong and credible name to me. I didn't dislike B, but it seemed the most generic and stood out the least of all the available choices.
    • John Davis is a simple name but not one that works or stands out. C has a good name that is pleasant to see and pronounce in my opinion. Good name. B is fine but nothing special but may fit the description
    • Paine is the only one i like. sounds mysterious

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