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Polls with Community Type-specific Targeting

Check out 5 surveys targeting community type. Learn how they pose their questions and view the written responses.

  • We are creating a baby clothing line. All the clothes will be organic and we are aiming to be a higher end, more expensive brand. This name is for the brand/website.

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Community Type (Suburban). A sample of responses:

    • Still like Choice B for the clothing line. It conveys the perfect idea for babies.
    • Simplee pure name better conveys that it is organic.
    • prefer the sound of B
    • "Budding Bear" doesn't sound like an expensive brand name. I prefer Option B.
  • Which ad makes you think “yes, I could do that.”

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Community Type (Suburban, Urban) and US Geographic Region (Pacific). A sample of responses:

    • B looks like a fmaily, C looks like taking care of an old person
    • It is a lot more attention grabbing
    • This option looks like there is a positive future.
    • Feels like a statement toward me.
    • I like that you demonstrate the need for help
  • Which ad would make you take action to learn more about foster parenting or mentoring (e.g. attend an orientation, sign up for an informational webinar)?

    This is a 5 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Community Type (Urban, Suburban) and US Geographic Region (Pacific). A sample of responses:

    • I like the older person in the image - she looks caring
    • Demonstration of bonding
    • Option C looks more like a grandmother with her grandchild and I do not relate to that relationship so I probably wouldn't pay attention to it.
    • This is a cute pic.
    • Because when I go to learn more, it lets me know that there are many different resources.
  • Based on the image, which product would you buy?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Amazon Prime Membership (Yes) and Community Type (Urban, Suburban). A sample of responses:

    • i like B and C because they show the product best in it's environment and is best for aesthetics
    • I chose D because I really don't like either of the displays of how they used it.
    • The one I didn't show does not give you any idea to the product's size. The other one's at least do that.
    • I like seeing the size and how the cloth looks when displayed.
    • These images show the size of the product and that is very helpful
  • Which book title would you rather read and why?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Age Range (45 54, 35 44) and Community Type (Urban). A sample of responses:

    • I dig seeing "Your Million Dollar''. Grabs my attention right away.
    • I prefer B, as I think it sounds more professional. It sounds more useful. "7 ways" sounds more multilevel marketing type of thing, useless information that doesn't help you at all.
    • Having "million dollar" in the bigger print is VERY eye catching
    • choice B has a more descriptive tagline to the book title
    • B comes off feeling like a "get rich quick" kind of thing. A is informative and interesting. A has me curious, so I think it did its job.

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