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  • We are creating a baby clothing line. All the clothes will be organic and we are aiming to be a higher end, more expensive brand. This name is for the brand/website.

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Community Type (Suburban). A sample of responses:

    • sounds classier, more high-end
    • Option A is cute and I think it refers more to childs clothing
    • Budding Bear is a cute name for a clothing line given the choice between these two names. Simplee Pure is a name that is more common and almost seen before. It is not memorable. Budding Bear is more unique.
    • I dislike deliberately misspelling words for a product or business name so that rules out the second place option and leaves me to choose this one that doesn't misspell anything.
    • It gives a good idea of what the brand stands for.
  • Which ad makes you think “yes, I could do that.”

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Community Type (Urban, Suburban) and US Geographic Region (Pacific). A sample of responses:

    • The people in option D just seem happier since they're all smiling and looking at camera.
    • The elderly lady on the right looks nice, and it shows the young and old working together and being kind to each other
    • Both of these are great ads, but the family unit is really important to young children. The ad shows that there is a big interest in fostering a child and that means that there is a strong support network for foster parents to utilize in raising children.
    • The people in the ad seem closer to my age than the woman in the other ad... I can relate to the couple more.
    • C seems more informative.
  • Which ad would make you take action to learn more about foster parenting or mentoring (e.g. attend an orientation, sign up for an informational webinar)?

    This is a 5 option poll with 50 respondents targeting US Geographic Region (Pacific) and Community Type (Suburban, Urban). A sample of responses:

    • Again, I chose D because it simply fits the typical family dynamic. Picture E is good too, but it's simply just a bunch of kids, whereas Picture D has a broader appeal in terms of advertising familial values.
    • I choose E, because it tells of a fact that most people do not know. Many people would not know that they can help out for just a few hours and with less commitment than being a foster host. More people will relate and act on that information knowing the obligations upfront.
    • Option E once again really highlights the idea that someone like me with limited resources could make a difference in someones life even though I could not commit to raising a child.
    • D shows that that is support is wide
    • the message is key in this ad, revealing that their are other ways to help teens other than being a foster parent.
  • Based on the image, which product would you buy?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Community Type (Suburban, Urban) and Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I would buy from B or A because I know exactly what I am getting.
    • Those choices were the most professional of all the ones presented to me.
    • I would choose B and C because I can get an idea of what the item looks like and how it can be styled with other items.
    • I ranked the images of the decorative cloth that I thought looked the most attractive.
    • Shows how the runner and placemats look when in use.
  • Which book title would you rather read and why?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Community Type (Urban) and Age Range (35 44, 45 54). A sample of responses:

    • Because the other title made no grammatical sense whatsoever.
    • Neither of these really thrills me, but option B is a little clearer in just what it serves to talk about. By flipping the discussion of "thought leaders" down to the subtitle, we get a little more space to unfold the purpose of the book rather than just play it coy about getting rich.
    • I think identifying as a thought leader and putting that in caps makes people more interested rather than just highlighting money in the title. Being a thought leader seems like something that's more than just money and I think people who just want to get their thoughts out and known can relate more to it.
    • I think that the focus on making money will be attractive to many people. But I would be sure to keep the subtitle in a large enough font to be sure that people will know that the target audience is specific to Thought Leaders.
    • I think Thought Leader is a catchy title and speaks to the topic well. Also, I like the use of the number 7 twice in the sub head. It grabs attention -- especially the 7 figure portion.

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