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Polls based on Community Type specific focus groups: Urban, Suburban, and Rural

Polls with Community Type-specific Targeting

Check out 3 surveys targeting community type. Learn how they pose their questions and view the written responses.

  • 50 Respondents Suburban

    We are creating a baby clothing line. All the clothes will be organic and we are aiming to be a higher end, more expensive brand. This name is for the brand/website.

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Community Type. A sample of responses:

    • Option A is cute and I think it refers more to childs clothing
    • I dislike deliberately misspelling words for a product or business name so that rules out the second place option and leaves me to choose this one that doesn't misspell anything.
    • sounds classier, more high-end
    • Budding Bear is a cute name for a clothing line given the choice between these two names. Simplee Pure is a name that is more common and almost seen before. It is not memorable. Budding Bear is more unique.
    • It gives a good idea of what the brand stands for.
  • 50 Respondents Urban Suburban Pacific

    Which ad makes you think “yes, I could do that.”

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Community Type and Us Geographic Region. A sample of responses:

    • The people in option D just seem happier since they're all smiling and looking at camera.
    • C seems more informative.
    • The people in the ad seem closer to my age than the woman in the other ad... I can relate to the couple more.
    • The elderly lady on the right looks nice, and it shows the young and old working together and being kind to each other
    • Both of these are great ads, but the family unit is really important to young children. The ad shows that there is a big interest in fostering a child and that means that there is a strong support network for foster parents to utilize in raising children.
  • 50 Respondents Urban Suburban Pacific

    Which ad would make you take action to learn more about foster parenting or mentoring (e.g. attend an orientation, sign up for an informational webinar)?

    This is a 5 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Community Type and Us Geographic Region. A sample of responses:

    • the message is key in this ad, revealing that their are other ways to help teens other than being a foster parent.
    • Again, I chose D because it simply fits the typical family dynamic. Picture E is good too, but it's simply just a bunch of kids, whereas Picture D has a broader appeal in terms of advertising familial values.
    • Option E once again really highlights the idea that someone like me with limited resources could make a difference in someones life even though I could not commit to raising a child.
    • D shows that that is support is wide
    • I choose E, because it tells of a fact that most people do not know. Many people would not know that they can help out for just a few hours and with less commitment than being a foster host. More people will relate and act on that information knowing the obligations upfront.

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