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Polls with Employment Status-specific Targeting

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  • Which keynote title is most appealing for corporate events and association members annual meeting? The presentation description is the same, titles differ. Is this topic appealing to you?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Employment Status (Full Time). A sample of responses:

    • B is a little more compelling.
    • I like B's title because people need to go through like making smart decisions not safe ones. Making decisions without risk can be just as dangerous in the real world as a seemly risky decision. High risk can make mean high reward but no risk can mean no reward.
    • I like A because it feels more professional and competent. I think it’s also a good idea to include a monetary value like they did to draw in the viewer.
    • I like the two statement title event. I like the title with the secondary statement over option A which ends up being 3 lines and looks less pleasing.
    • The keynote title is most appealing to me due to content of the keynote itself in comparison to the other presented option.
  • Which subtitle for the book THE AUTHENTIC MARKETER is more interesting?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Employment Status (Part Time, Full Time), Age Range (45 54, 35 44), and Gender (Female). A sample of responses:

    • I like how it tells you where you head needs to be (centered) option c, I like how it tells you how you are perceived option b, I don't like option a at all. The real girls guide. Clearly, if someone is growing a business, she is NOT a girl, she is an accomplished woman.
    • Option C sounds good - not only what it means, but the rhythm of the words as they're spoken or read. And it makes sense. But use the word "and" in place of "&."The other two options are awkward, for different reasons. Option A is grammatically incorrect, because it starts in the third person (referring to a third party, "the real girl), and then midsentence, it switches to second person ("you"). It also cuts out half your potential audience. Option B is just awkward, because you have to read in a few times to understand it. It also seems more specific, and thus more limited in scope that the others.
    • You always want a title to be able to grab someone's attention. The first two options I loved, they explained what the book would be about and it very catchy and interesting.
    • option C is more detailed and interesting compared to all other options
    • I think that A is most relatable. C and B sound like the person needs convinced to like their own business a bit. I thi k A sounds very positive.
  • Would you work from home forever if you could?

    This is a 2 option poll with 100 respondents targeting Employment Status (Full Time, Part Time). A sample of responses:

    • Working from home would be more convenient and save time and money on not having to commute
    • As long as I could upgrade my equipment/supplies, yes, absolutely. I do miss my co-workers, but I'm really liking having more flexibility in my schedule. I have two young children, so working from home would mean more time with them. Even if/when they return to school, I would still get to see them more because I would be able to pick them up, etc. I would be here with them for their days off and for summers. I have kind of a makeshift set-up right now because we closed abruptly, but if I could set up a better workstation, then yes definitely.
    • I have actually worked out of my home more often than not throughout my career and I enjoy it very much. I definitely prefer it to going into the office.
    • My current job is much easier working from home as I don't have to deal with many hassles and menial tasks that I do while working on site. I would definitely miss seeing people regularly, especially for potential romantic interests, but I could always just make an effort to get out more in my off time. I have plans for artistic interests in the future as well, which would inherently be working from home, so I am already fairly mentally prepared for doing so for a long time.
    • I hate having the commute into my office. Working from home is so much more relaxing, and I actually feel MORE motivated to work from here than I do in the office. I get so bored in the office doing my job. After about an hour of active work in the morning, I basically sit there for hours thinking of what I could be doing at home. Now I can get those things accomplished! I'm a happier person having more balance.
  • Do you think you would benefit in your work and career life if you were able to be matched with a mentor who has already done some of the career things you want to do, and then you had a virtual or in-person coffee meeting with that person?

    This is a 1 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Employment Status (Full Time). A sample of responses:

    • Absolutely. It would be great to see how certain steps helped and how certain experiences really offered nothing of worth, so you could avoid it
    • I probably could benefit from that. It would be nice to talk to someone who had been where I was professionally and could give me advice on future events that could come up.
    • I think so, and either virtual or in person would fit. It is always good to hear about the experiences from others and get their perspectives.
    • Not sure in my line of business it would help, not many mentors in my line of business. I work at answering service and find other services just do things completely different
    • It is always helpful to have someone you respect to bounce ideas off and give their thoughts and opinions. I have 45 years experience in banking and often act in that role for newer employees. I also still have my mentors that I use on a regular basis! I think a virtual or in person meeting would be very helpful.
  • Which title is best?

    This is a 6 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Employment Status (Full Time). A sample of responses:

    • This title is best. It is proper, appropriate, and more professional. I will order for my book club.
    • A is professional, detailed, and indicative.
    • Choice #1 (A): Relevant title for today; no offensive language. Choice #2 (F): Similar language to (A) and states that it is a guide. Choice #3 (B): Did not like first two words, but did like the verb "optimizing". Choice #4 (D): appeared to be a how-to guide for organizations. Choice #5 (C): seemed to offer employers a way to get and keep "the best people". Choice #6 (E): Offensive language and vague title.
    • Man I like all of them lol! Not one is better than the other. They are all good titles and very interesting.
    • All of the ass-hole free stuff sounds terrible. Sorry. Not a fan of any of these names but I liked A best.
  • If you needed a short-term gig job in a hurry, which email would you respond to first?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Employment Status (Part Time, Not Employed, Student). A sample of responses:

    • Some wordings in B sounded like a spam email. The subject line of B made me feel rushed and I associate that feeling with spam mails. I think the longer more professional approach of A makes it seem more legitimate
    • Choice A didn't use a catchy phrase to get my attention; it's serious. It also doesn't use all caps for emphasis, call me by my first name, or talk me in a coercive manner. It's formal and respectful, as well as professional.
    • -the format of the letter is more professional, looks like those you will receive from a legit, higher standard company:"With Regards," using company name instead of person's name, etc..-the instructions listed as bullet points is clear
    • option A description is reliable than option B
    • Option B is more to the point. Most people are only going to skim an email and possibly miss important information because of all the fluff.

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