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Polls with Alcohol: Beer Drinker-specific Targeting

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  • Which image are you more likely to click on in Amazon search results?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Alcohol: Beer Drinker (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I think Option B gives a good view of the entire look of the product and Option A displays it really well too. Option C is fun but doesn't show the product well at all.
    • It grabs my attention, looks fun and interesting.
    • I thought option B was best because it shows the item on a person and you can actually see most of product (unlike option C where the man is jumping so you miss some of the details). I also liked that you could visualize it on someone. Option A was my second choice because it was nice to see all the details of the product but I do think it helps to see it on a person. Option C is just kind of silly, which is fine but the product is not really emphasized.
    • B and A give front views of the product. C gives a side view and I really can't tell what the product fully looks like from that angle. I would probably want to buy the product after looking at B.
    • In this case, because the product looks so goofy on the dude, I don't want to see it on him.
  • What is your favorite color to paint a wall?

    This is a 5 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Alcohol: Beer Drinker (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • My favorite color to paint a wall, personally, from the choices given is grey, which is option E. I like it the most because it's kind of a neutral color that will match almost anything. My second choice was option B, red. I really like red and actually have a room in my home that I painted red because it looks really interesting with the black furniture in that particular room; it's a bold color and looks great if you know how to pair it with other things in the room. My third choice was option A, blue. Blue is a nice color and there are so many different variations of it that it can also be paired nicely with certain furniture colors, and blue gives a light hearted feel to the room it's been used in.
    • They are the most calming colors to me. Depending on what room the wall is in would effect my choice as well though.
    • Blue is best.
    • I like neutral colors on my walls, and chose yellow because it makes me most cheerful to look at it.
    • I prefer the grey first because I like that it's neutral and in my opinion it doesn't overpower the room, like a red or purple. I like blue next because it is a calming, cool color. Between the remaining 3 options I like yellow the most, it's bright and happy, whereas purple and red are more aggressive colors.

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