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Polls with Sexual Orientation-specific Targeting

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  • Which rave fan design do you like

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Sexual Orientation (Lgbt+). A sample of responses:

    • The options that are more colorful are best. Option C is a bit too busy. I like the star intersections in option A, however option B caught my attention right away.
    • I think the first option looks the nicest. The others look too busy and chaotic. I've never been to a rave though.
    • I like the light pattern in B, and it was similar enough in C that I chose it for second preference. A seems a little more prudish, but still with a fun vibe.
    • I pick A because from looking at the picture this fam has vibrant colors going throughout it and you can see a A in the color print. I would love one of these.
    • I like the design with the most color on it the best. After that I ranked the choices with less color proportionally. I also thought the more random lines were more apt for a rave.

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