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Polls with Cosmetics / Body Care-specific Targeting

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  • Do you like Image A, Image B as main photo?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Cosmetics / Body Care (Beyond The Basics (5+)). A sample of responses:

    • can read the fine print
    • I like image A because it is the bigger of the two images. Plus, it is better and clearer. You are able to read what the product is about. Also, the image is more appealing than the other one.
    • I like Choice B because it is more appealing to consumers than option A. I like how at the top it gives you detailed descriptions of the product such as that it's paraben free, organic and not tested on animals. I feel that when people are looking to buy products it's important to be able to see those details easily.
    • I like seeing a realistic image of the product itself. I can see two images here in choice B quickly.
    • This shows the product up close better
  • Which anti-inflammatory supplement would you be more likely to buy? Why?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Cosmetics / Body Care (Beyond The Basics (5+)). A sample of responses:

    • I was on board with A until the "smite the inflammation" bit. I thought that was just silly! So I went with B. When I think of smiting in that context, I guess I'd think of Zeus, not Aphrodite.
    • it is a simpler package...I like it better.
    • the image itself is very calming and welcoming, i think it works best to show what the product could be, bring down the craze
    • This option is more professional
    • B seems more modern whereas A looks holistic.
  • Which pattern looks better to print on a women's Beauty Product (Plastic Exfoliating Brush)? --- Color suggestions are welcome :) ---

    This is a 6 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Cosmetics / Body Care (Just The Basics (0 4)). A sample of responses:

    • I preferred the brighter, more vivid color palettes.
    • i choose d, f, b, c because all of them have differrent colors that can be really good for people and certain skin tones for the beauty product
    • This look looks a lot better than the others
    • The first design I chose caught my attention first. I enjoyed that one more, and feel that it should be used.
    • brighter and interesting designs
  • Which Bottle Color & Cap Looks Better With The White Label?

    This is a 4 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Cosmetics / Body Care (Beyond The Basics (5+)). A sample of responses:

    • A has a much better color scheme
    • good an nice one
    • A has the clearest image with the best lighting.
    • The black ones stand out the most to me. They provide the best contrast.
    • I like to select
  • Which design do you like?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Cosmetics / Body Care (Beyond The Basics (5+)), Gender (Female), Age Range (35 44, 25 34), and Amazon Prime Membership (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • Choice C seems to be more elegant to me comparing to the other 2 choices. I don't like the white color in choice A so B was my second favorite
    • I could most see myself purchasing the product with the pink label. It is soft, feminine, and modern, qualities I would like in a product.
    • I like the first design the best. I think that the Coconut Oil in red really pops on the white and makes it clear and easy to read. I don't mind the muted peach color in B, but I think that the background is too busy and it makes it too hard to read. I have the same issue with C, it seems the hardest to read out of all of them.
    • All three really very nice designs. But my first pick in Choice Option C is a perfect design for the product itself.
    • I love the look of option C. The pink and white are very feminine and eye catching. It just looks expensive and high end. The other two options look more like drug store brands. Something I would see at Rite-Aid on sale.
  • What images catches your eye the most if you were shopping on Amazon?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Cosmetics / Body Care (Beyond The Basics (5+), Beyond The Basics (5+)). A sample of responses:

    • Option C is the top choice for me because of the way it is sitting. The actual product being on the right side of the image draws in your eyes. It also helps with the comparison of real size to the image on the box. Option A is my last choice because it does not look realistic. The way the box is positioned makes it look darker and unappealing.
    • I think option A has the best presentation overall, the product is positioned next to the box very well and doesn't obstruct the view of the packaging, and the closeness of the product and package in the picture is perfect, along with the angle of the items in the picture.
    • I like Option A the best because the device is bigger than B, but it is not blocking part of the packaging like in C. I think the device in C is way too big and looks awkward next to the device picture on the box. A is fine, but having the device slightly bigger, like in B, makes it stand out better.
    • B looks easiest to use
    • I chose them by the life look size. The size in which looks more realistic.
  • Which design do you like better? Which color combo works best?

    This is a 6 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Income ($31 60k, $61 100k, $101k+), Amazon Prime Membership (Yes), Age Range (18 24, 25 34, 35 44, 45 54), and Cosmetics / Body Care (Beyond The Basics (5+)). A sample of responses:

    • When I view these, I'm thinking Mortal Kombat. Some of these are close to what you'd imagine the characters from the game wearing, which to me, makes them more attractiveD - looks like Melina - It is the same color as her outfit and would be very attractive on womenB - looks like Sub Zero - It would be the most stylish for men due to them looking like a killer iconic ninjaF - Is very neutral, which makes it go with anything. The black makes you look like a generic ninja and would be nice with anything since it is blackC - reminds me of Reptile - it might not go as easy with different outfits, but the color is attractive and reminds me of the character
    • I like the darker colors better. I feel like they look better.
    • I like the black on the best. the others with the lips look better in natural colors (white and red) I also like the neon green but the blue gold and black purple dont have an asthetic look to me
    • With this lips design, I think the classic color combos, and colors that one typically associates with such a design, works best. I think a classic red and white, such as A, looks the best. I like E for similar reasons, though there is definitely more of a contrast with the pink and red. I chose B after those because it's a completely different color combo take and I like it. D is a bit dull, but I preferred it over the remaining options.
    • Purple is my favorite color so I would select the design shown in image D. I like that the purple color and red color used in images D and E make it easier to tell that the picture is of lips. This could actually be a lipstick color.

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