Cosmetics / Body Care Audience Targeting

Polls based on Cosmetics / Body Care specific focus groups: Heavy Body Care User and Basic Body Care

Polls with Cosmetics / Body Care-specific Targeting

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  • Do you like Image A, Image B as main photo?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Cosmetics / Body Care (Beyond The Basics (5+)). A sample of responses:

    • This shows the product up close better
    • I like image A because it is the bigger of the two images. Plus, it is better and clearer. You are able to read what the product is about. Also, the image is more appealing than the other one.
    • I like Choice B because it is more appealing to consumers than option A. I like how at the top it gives you detailed descriptions of the product such as that it's paraben free, organic and not tested on animals. I feel that when people are looking to buy products it's important to be able to see those details easily.
    • I like seeing a realistic image of the product itself. I can see two images here in choice B quickly.
    • can read the fine print

Cosmetics / Body Care targeting is often combined with amazon prime membership targeting, age range targeting, and gender targeting.

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