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  • Which design you like better?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Credit Score (690 719, 720+). A sample of responses:

    • the color of the box catches your eye better. Also it is easier to read all of the information they way that they have it printed. I also like that they have an actual picture of the product on the box.
    • I like the package that shows the dish of pasta because it gives a good indication of what the product looks like. I like that it looks like regular pasta, and I think that other people would like seeing this. I also find the infographics about the nutrition to be more eyecatching and easy to understand.
    • i like that this one shows the actual pasta in a plate
    • It is bright and colorful looks very nice and detailed
    • Option A is more appealing in the sense that the design looks more health friendly because of the images of plant leaves on the front of the box.

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