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  • Which headline is better for an online telemedicine-pharmacy retailer?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Number of Kids (2, 1, 3+), Age Range (45 54, 55 64, 35 44, 65 74), Alcohol: Wine Drinker (Yes), and Gender (Female). A sample of responses:

    • The other option suggests that maybe i should have gone to the doctor and it makes me hesitate
    • I need it to come to my house. too busy. I don't think about it being a t a doctor's office.
    • B, tell me what you are doing and this one does. Delivering to my door. Delivering help supposedly. Though the world seems to have more severe problems than skin and eyelash stuff. However not going to the doc's office sounds great, probably not safe, because tele isn't going to be certain to give me an accurate diagnosis nor do tests, but having stuff delivered to my door sounds better to me, especially if B doesn't imply that I don't go to the doctor's office but perhaps the doc calls the medicine in, I go straight home and the med is there waiting for me. That would be cool.
    • Option B gets me the products I want without leaving the house. The only downside is having to dispose of the padckaging
    • I chose B because it would be more convenient to have the it delivered to your door.
  • Which headline is better for an online telemedicine-pharmacy retailer?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Alcohol: Wine Drinker (Yes), Age Range (35 44, 55 64, 65 74, 45 54), Number of Kids (2, 3+, 1), and Gender (Female). A sample of responses:

    • I choose B because this title tells you exactly that you can order your meds and get them delivered to your door when you want them. A is not telling me that anything is delivered to me, therefore B is the better title.
    • I like how it sounds. Option makes it sound like I am so busy and don't have a minute to go by the pharmacy despite there being 6 less than a half mile from my house. My insurance will already have stuff delivered to my house, but I have never done it. Option B is less wordy and does not make me feel like a lazy bum compared to A. I only go to the pharmacy once a month, if that and it is in my grocery store.
    • It sounds like a something you want to hear...from customization to your door, love it! Gives you piece of mind.
    • Option A provides me with more details about the service. When a new business is described, I like to have as many details as possible and I think that option A does a better job of describing the service than option B does. I understand it better just reading option A
    • I like the idea of having meds delivered and not having to leave the house

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