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Polls based on Audiobook Listener specific focus groups: Not Audiobook Listener and Audiobook Listener

Polls with Audiobook Listener-specific Targeting

Check out 2 surveys targeting audiobook listener. Learn how they pose their questions and view the written responses.

  • Which book title is more appealing?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Audiobook Listener (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • Creating a Millionaire sounds like a self help book to help you become one
    • Making a millionaire is actively doing and becoming. The other options suggests you've already been made into a millionaire and doesn't have instructions on how to become one.
    • I feel this title is more appealing as it could mean more. It could be a book on how to become a millionaire or the story of how a millionaire was created.
    • It would help to know more about the book... but given these two, I'd choose A, because at least it conjures up an image in the reader's head.
    • B is more actionable and makes me want to learn more about how I can become a millionaire, while A sounds like a biography or story.
  • Which subtitle is more appealing?

    This is a 3 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Audiobook Listener (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • There is definite action taken and explanations are better in the first two than the last one.
    • They all sound interesting bjut I would most want to learn that formula for my own startups!
    • C i think says a lot in short workds adn like saying THEIR. B formula so data supported. A sounds like how to start
    • B makes the most sense
    • You have to start at the beginning and find a successful model in order to thrive.

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