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Poll results

What do you hate about your shower head?

Audience:50 U.S.-based respondents People between the ages of 25-34 People between the ages of 35-44 People between the ages of 45-54 People between the ages of 55-64
50 Responses

I hate the water pressure it puts out of it


It leaks too much after finishing my shower.


it gets clogged and not enough positions as spray level


I wish it was wider and had more water pressure.


The lowness of it.


I hate that it is old and the holes get clogged up somtimes.


My shower head somethings isn't really strong and feels like it is weakly shooting at me. I also don't like how close together the water is coming out.


I hate that it moves around too much. I have (and absolutely prefer) a head that you can remove on a hose to wash your body better, but they don't stay well once they're put back on top, and I would greatly prefer one that was both removable and able to remain steady once you put it back in place.


I hate that the shower head does not work well. I hate that the shower head falls off a lot. It is not sturdy.


It's too big and clunky.


I hate that the cord for the shower head constantly hits my back. If it were longer or less rigid it would fall down and come back up and not bow out and knock into my back.


I hate that it cannot change to different types or pressure and ways of shooting out water. I hate that it is a nuisance to clean.


I wish each individual holes was a lot bigger. I like a larger individual water stream. Plus with the smaller holes it gets clogged up easier.


That it isn't really adjustable and doesn't pivot, so I always have to stand in the same spot to shower and get in awkward positions to wash my hair.


i got a new one because it didn't come off and become handheld. i wish that the filter on it were easier to clean, also the hear itself gets clogged every so often - i think with calcium buildup, but since we have no water softer, i can't fix that, i have to clean it, i wish there were an easy way to get the deposit out.


It gets dirty fast. There's a black layer of slime that tends to form on the nozzle and it's a struggle to keep it clean. It makes me wonder if some of the particles from that are getting onto my body when I'm trying to get clean.


I wish I could adjust the pressure for various situations


I hate how fragile it is. I have a hand held shower heat that displays the temperature of the water flowing through it but if it falls down two or three times it breaks.


I wish that I could make it light up. I love showering in the dark. I also wish that it had like a gentler stream sometimes


I feel like my showerhead has very limited range in terms of flow control, and it's hard to find a setting that balances both volume of flow and water pressure. As in either you have a few narrow streams of water coming out at full blast, or you have a spray of slowly moving water that feels like a drizzle of rain. I don't know how you would fix it, but enable the showerhead to have a flow of water with decent coverage, but at a decent pressure that feels like the water is coming out at a good rate of speed.


It is slightly clogged and does not put out the water very fast. I need a new one.


How hard it is to clean.


I don't like that sometimes it doesn't spray evenly and that it probably has bacteria in it.


It will not distribute the water evenly. It also has two heads and wants to change heads water comes out of sometimes.


the holes in shower head become clogged all the time, which I dont understand how, if only water comes out of it, Ive had to submerged the shower head twice now, to open up the holes, the plastic the surrounds each hole as well, move, I am guessing with the pressure of the water, making only half of the showerhead spit out water. I need to upgrade it. I am spending more time and money in doing quick fixes.


It is old, weak and doesn't have a lot of satisfying settings on it.


Nothing! I love it ;) Its a wand that goes up on a hook so you dont have to hold it and has multiple settings on it.


I do not think it is forceful enough. I have really long hair. It takes forever to rinse shampoo/conditioner out of it. If I had a stronger shower head I feel I could get it rinsed more quickly.


i hate how there is no pressure on the head. i also wish i had a shut off for just a head.


Honestly, I like my shower head a lot. I guess the only difficulty is in cleaning it. It is high up, and I am short, so I have to get a stool when it needs cleaning.


I wish it had more settings. It only has three and I wish that more of them worked all together to give me more power. I just feel like it's lacking something. I also wish it had more surface area. It's kind of small.


I had to have a new shower head installed 2 years ago. It doesn't deliver enough water pressure. Also, they had to rip out some drywall in order to install the shower head. So I need to be really careful when adjusting the shower head so that I don't end up breaking the pipe connecting the shower head until I can get the drywall replaced that they took out.


Need to clean for calcium buildup. Should be some device built in to dislodge without using vinegar.


I hate that after only a week or 2, it goes from being shiny and pretty and new looking to dingy and dirty and gross looking. The cord is too short, the showerhead is small even though it has different ranges of sprays. I wish it were a bigger head, with more outflow coverage, so I'm not standing under a tiny spray of water. It's handle is pretty slick as well when you try to disengage it from the holder. If it were not a moveable showerhead, I'd hate it. Showerheads you can't move don't allow you to rinse well everywhere all over your body.


I hate that I can't change the settings on it. It just comes out in the default way I there is no nozzle on my showerhead where I can change how it comes out in terms of spray or pressure.


It doesn't spray out fast enough for my liking. In addition to that, it could probably use some CLR to help it perform better.


It wants to drip when I am done although there's no leak.


There is one spot that sprays out a small stream in a completely different direction than the rest of the shower. It gets things wet when I didn't want it to and is just annoying, even sprayed into my eye at one point.


I hate that it clogs constantly due to hard water that we have in our home.


I hate the fact that my shower head is small, It does not have a strong flow and the pulsating mechanism does not work like it should. Another problem is the build-up of calcium in the water holes. Overall my shower head should be shot and crushed.


I hate that it doesn't detach so that I can more easily wash my dog.


It does not have the best water pressure


I feel like I can never get the perfect angle where I want the water to flow. It's either all on my head, or all on my body. Can it be both?


I do not like the fact that my shower head rust, and the pressure is not very strong.


I dislike that the pressure is not strong enough and that it’s difficult to clean.


I hate how narrow the stream is. There is good water pressure but it is not wide enough and doesn’t cover my whole body. There isn’t a way to change the stream and make it wider either


Right now, I don't like the looseness in the head. It can reposition too easily and needs to be tightened.


It is not high enough. It is not hard enough. It is boring. I would love a disco showerhead that plays music that goes along with some led lights. I want it to have a speaker. I want every shower to be a disco party. Rainbow lights, speaker. I also don't like cleaning the calcium out of it. A timer so my showers don't get too long.


My shower head tends to get calcium buildup over time. When this happens little white "stones" block up some of the water flow, this cause the shower head to sometimes spray water sporadically, including out of the shower. I wish I had a shower head that would consistently spray water the same every time I took a shower. Even after cleaning and removing the calcium deposits, it just does not spray the same.


a lot of hard water mineral deposits build up on the shower head and it is hard to clean off

Age range 25-34 (23)
Education level Bachelor's Degree (32)
Gender identity Male (31)
Income range $31-60k (21)
Racial or ethnic identity White (41)
U.S. geographic region Southeast (18)

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