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The following book cover test marketing poll was conducted online using PickFu.

PickFu collected 100 responses from a targeted (Religious affiliation: Christianity, Preferred book format: Print Books, Age range: 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64) audience in 18 hours and 29 minutes.

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Poll results

Based on the cover, which book would you rather buy?

Audience:100 U.S.-based respondentsReaders who prefer printed books People between the ages of 45-54 People between the ages of 35-44 People between the ages of 55-64 People between the ages of 25-34Religious affiliation: Christianity
Option image
Option A56 votes
Option image
Option B44 votes
56 Responses to Option A

the mountain on the picture fits the title better


I prefer the mountain image to be honest. This just gives me a better idea of what the book is about, and evokes a better image in my head.


I rather have the mountain top because I feel like that is the goal of the book in reaching the mountain top.


A is better because the person on the cover is distracting.


I like the background depicting a mountain because it makes the book look more legitimate to me. It looks like a book that I will get some advice that would help me more than the other title.


The mountain is more interesting than the man.


I think the mountain image gives a nice visual boost to the title (slightly punny, makes it memorable). The option with the author photo seems pretty generic and forgettable.


A is more visually appealing with the mountain on the cover.


For me, I do not like the inclusion of the person in B. THe mountain in A feels more important.


I like the visual of climbing a mountain. I don't care what the author looks like.


I like option A the best because I like how the mountain shown gives a visual image of "getting to the point" in the title.


Since it's about God and reaching your potential, I would prefer A over B because I like the mountain - I think having the author on the cover takes away from the "God" aspect.


The image in A matches the keyword "the point" much better.


I think the mountain is very symbolic and a potential readers will understand


Like that the mountain top is a play on words with the title. Seeing the author does not inspire me to pick up the book, but the link between the title and the image is more likely to inspire to look further.


The mountain is much more visually pleasing.


I think this image is more appealing. This is the book that I would be more likely to pick up and look at further.


I'd rather see a mountain and person, and it makes the title funnier.




I like the use of the mountain as the picture as it goes with the title of the book "get to the point".


I would rather buy the book in Option A because it lets me relate to nature and God's presence everywhere around us.


Go for the mountain theme..the author's portrait doesn't fit with the title.


The mountain top image looks better in A


The mountain peak fits with the "point" reference


Shows a mountain and there's a large point, it also feels like 'reaching the top of the mountain' and makes sense all the way around. I think it is a very good cover and I would make sure to look at it if I had walked past it.


I tend to like nature pictures better on book covers.


I like the image of the mountain as i think it sets a good mental image to go along with the title and the subtitle of the book


I voted for choice A because I liked the photo of the mountain. It went better with the explanation of the book in my opinion. The other one wasn't horrible but the stood out more to me.


I prefer not having Kevin White on the cover unless the book is about him.


The mountain on A seems to fit the title really well and looks good! Very nice and easy to read the cover and remember


This one makes me feel like it is more serious and will be one that will help me more.


I like the giant rock it draws your eyes in more than the person on the cover.


I like the book pictured in Option A because it is a good symbol of the title, "Get to the Point." The mountain and mountain top pictured is eye-catching and visually appealing. The picture makes you think of a "point" or "peak", and it is a good analogy to the book title, and would draw people's attention to buy the book.


I like option A because the photo in the cover gives you something to imagine with the mountains on it.


I prefer choice A because I like the mountain peak on the cover. I think it fits with the title of "Get to the Point" and works better than choice B.


Mountain is more imaginative.


I like how a mountain is used with the word point.


Using a mountain picture and showing its peak (as the point) is a better illustration.


I would choose Option A. I like the mountain in the background on this book.


I like Option A better because I personally prefer nature pictures instead of people, not to mention this rock is pointed which goes with what the book is about supposedly. Thank you!


As a librarian, I think that Option A would fly off the shelves a lot quicker than option B. It has a really nice color palette, and it could fit in a lot of different book displays as well.


I have no idea who Kevin white is, so seeing him doesn’t make the book more interesting. It confuses me a bit. I prefer the mountain.


I liked choice A since the cover looks more direct and to the point about the topic. Choice B looks too plain and boring and I don't really care about the person on the cover.


I prefer Option A. There is something about the mountain top and attaining the peak that very reassuring and poignant and seems the better cover. It's more uplifting in general.


I chose A because, honestly, first impressions are everything and I tend to judge someone right away. My gut tells me something is off about this person, theres something I don't trust. It's all in my head and could be total nonsense but that's my first impression. Also, keeping the authors physical identity, at least in the beginning, potentially opens the book up to a wider audience. Everyone can relate to a mountain. Not everyone can relate to a white male. Of they like the book, it won't matter....bit you want to get them to read it first.


I voted for A because a mountain is seen as an obstacle that you need to get around/climb. Pictures of authors are a dime a dozen. Kudos for a Christian book though! God bless.


I like the mountain in the background. I think it looks good with the book.


I would rather see a picture of the mountain, which is made by God, over the picture of the author himself. That seems a little self-serving.


I chose A because it seemed more inspiring and wonderous. I thought the man in B looked fairly ordinary and uninspiring.


I don't like authors on the book cover


I like that this focuses on something that i associate with a problem or obstacle and not something that focuses on man


picture of the mountain makes it more interesting to me


A's image of a mountain makes me think of interpreting it in several ways - the challenge of climbing, the way hierarchies are structured, and focusing on what's important. B's image of a person I don't recognize doesn't make me think of anything really.


I chose panel A. I like the sharp rock as a symbolic metaphor for what the title is all about.


The pic of the man has nothing to do with the title. I like titles that reflect the subject of the book, not the author.


Really prefer a non human on the cover - plus I like climbing so having the mountain is an additional benefit.

44 Responses to Option B

This option felt more relatable since the guy on the cover seemed down to earth, happy and approachable.


This one sounds more professional and the cover itself feels more informative and professional


Would rather see the face of the author than a mountain peak which at first glance, coupled with the title gives me more of an impression of a book on mountain climbing. Without that mountain, I am more inclined to not move on and look at other books (as mountain climbing does not interest me. With the author there, I went right to the small print to read what the book was actually about.


I like when I can see the author on the front of the book


I like seeing the author on the front - it helps you identify with him and makes the book more appealing.


I think B is a more personal touch with the author image on the cover.


I like B so I can see the face of the author.


I like option B the best. I think seeing the author for this style book is more appealing


This illustration is more aesthetically pleasing and eye catching


I think that seeing the author of the book on the cover is inspirational. The author looks to be happy and complete and this inspires me to purchase this book and follow the recommended advice included. I would like to attain the happiness that this author seems to have


I like seeing the friendly face on the cover. The human touch is important and I think it goes well with the theme of God's presence.


While I found Option A to be witty and creative, I did like the picture of the author much better and I thought it was better suited for the cover also when I considered the background as well. I found Option A, although clever, to be a little bit bland and it would likely be like most other books on the shelf. With the background color against the author's clothes, I could see this as a cover that would really stand out against all of the others in the library or bookstore.


Option B seems to be more attractive than option A. Option B depicts some positive feel.


Choice B is more clear that this is a regular guy speaking about an issue. It makes the person seem more personable. Perhaps the mountain makes it look more abstract and generic. The author looks relatable enough that it helps to put his photo on the book.


I feel mountain images are over used, so I like that B is just a picture of him.


Seeing a person in B makes it look more personable than A.


While both covers are good, I believe the cover with the author shown on it is superior, as it helps to tie the author's face to a book they have written, especially if they are speaking to you or narrating the book, so to speak.


I like choice B the best.


Has the the authors picture on it


Seeing the author picture on the cover is a really good way to sell this book and the author. The presentation of this cover is fantastic, the color scheme and font is a really nice design.


I picked b because the person looked more personal then a picture of a rock.


I prefer this cover and would go for this book


I prefer choice B because I think seeing the author on the cover makes the book feel more relatable. You get a more of a sense of understanding the author and the book by just being able to see him visually.


I prefer Option B because this guy looks very happy and positive and it makes me want to read this book.


The person makes it seem personable


It's nice seeing the author on the cover.


They are both appealing and A is clever, but B makes you feel you are relating to a real person and not just an abstract idea.


the author/model on the cover is smiling and has a trusting face. i tend to gravitate to that than a nondescript mountain.


I like to see the picture of the person when reading this type of book. The mountain image doesn't mean anything.


Choice B is my top choice because I like the way it shows the man who wrote the book on the cover which is makes it feel more personal. Choice A is nice as well with the mountain and it has a point at the top which matches the book title.


Having him on the cover makes the book more personal


I prefer the cover with the author's picture. It's more inviting that the mountain background.


I'd rather see the author than a rock, especially if the author is a best selling author I might recognize.


I like seeing the person that the book is about. It makes the book more appealing than a rock on the cover.


I think using the author's pic helps sell the book and not the use of the mountain peak. The point in the title doesnt need reaffirmation.


not a fan of either but the play on words with "A" doesn't work at all.


the image of the author certainly gives it a little more intrigue, especially if you are already a fan of this author's work


I like the cover with the happy person. The rock is too stern and is almost off-putting.


I like seeing the author in B. Helps me connect to him a bit and feel like he is writing this just for me.


I like seeing a picture of a person better,


Option B, the cover is more personal with the writer in it. It is also more inviting with him smiling


i think it is always good for a cover to have the writer


I chose B because it is nice to see the author on the cover of the book. It lets me know it's coming from his point of view.


B shows the author.

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