Book Split Testing Software Reviews

Customer reviews of PickFu book split testing software. Authors use PickFu to get instant feedback on their books, book titles, and book covers.

Dfbadd6ce75b0bd2c6b440782000e34dfe09289a is my go-to tool whenever I want direct and honest feedback for my cover or book title. What I love is I get results within an hour and how the respondents provide a detailed 'reason why' they voted a certain way.
Steve ScottAuthority Self-Publishing, Habit Stacking
Inspiration is nice, but real-world feedback is more practical, especially if you want to sell books.
Bryan CollinsBecome a Writer Today
Have you ever asked your followers which book covers or titles they prefer? DON'T EVER DO IT AGAIN. People tend to just mimic what someone they believe "knows more" said. Instead use PickFu. Immediate feedback from up to 500 real people!
Anna DavidLegacy Launch Pad Publishing
PickFu will help you choose good alternatives (and get some sleep!).I use this service whenever I need to quickly get feedback on a product listing or website design. Within 15 minutes, you can have real people within your targeted demographic answer a poll or fill out a survey about your product or service. It’s totally worth using before you launch anything!
Tamela LewisBank Your Knowledge
My co-author and I were trying to decide on a title for a book we have coming out on Retirement in Q1. We were able to enter the three choices we were considering and use the 50 to 64 age demographic which is our target audience! The results were easy to understand and the comments are extremely valuable. We especially liked being able to see the demographics of the person who made each comments as we could see clearly what they liked and didn’t like. We were able to use this information in writing or rewriting some of our chapters. Or simply confirming that we were on target with some things. Also, the turnaround was amazing.
Marilyn BusheyAuthor
For years I've been building a brand, and quite honestly, my 1000 true fans are going to buy my book no matter what the title is. That's why I chose; I wanted objective feedback on a book title so I could expand my platform and serve more leaders that don't know me yet! The process was simple to set up and I'm pleased with the results. It gave me plenty of data to digest and clarity on how to move forward with the release of my first book.
Danny "Sunshine" BauerBetter Leaders Better Schools
I selected PickFu because of the quality of the responses and the speed at which I received polling results. I simply don't have that patience or the luxury of waiting for days to receive polling data. I did multiple polls to help me select a new book cover and received the results of each poll in less than 15 minutes. Fantastic cost effective service and excellent support.
Mike CurtisAuthor of Understand Women: Win the Heart of One
I highly recommend PickFu to the authors and aspiring authors I work with. Having the ability to objectively split test book covers and book titles from an unbiased audience is vitally important. Book titles and book covers can significantly impact purchase conversion, and a non-fiction author's thought leadership. Being able to test these factors is peace of mind.
Renee Founder
I use PickFu to split test book titles and covers. It's been extremely helpful to know what readers prefer before I self-publish my books on Amazon. It enables me to make better decisions without relying purely on intuition.
Mike FishbeinInbound Marketer & Bestselling Author
Beyond reporting the numbers, each respondent leaves a short reason for their selections. That feedback helped me understand why and how people reacted to each title, and to find those people who sounded the most like my ideal reader.
Anne JanzerAuthor and Marketing Consultant
I truly am a happy customer. What struck me the most was the quality and context of some of the comment responses. They will actually inform some choices as I move forward with this project.
J.J. SalemUSA Today Bestselling Author
Mit PickFu habe ich endlich eine Plattform gefunden, auf der ich verschiedene Buchcover und Texte bei meiner Zielgruppe gegeneinander testen kann. Ein echter Gamechanger für mein KDP Business!
Tom SchmidtNomad Publishing Consulting GmbH
I like to use PickFu to understand what people think about my cover designs and titles. For my books to sell well, I must know what potential customers are interested in and what draws them to my books. The cover must be good because it is the first thing my readers see, and if it is appealing, they may consider the book further and maybe even buy it.
I do run polls on Facebook, but they take a long time, and for a survey to be good, a lot of people need to give feedback; otherwise, the result can be misleading. I don’t always get enough input from Facebook polls. 
I designed two covers myself, and naturally, I was biased and, therefore, blind to the issues that they had. When I put the two book covers on PickFu, I received feedback from 80 people within hours. It was apparent which cover to use after that, and I was surprised how my judgment of how good the other cover was so far off. I saw the light!
PickFu is not only useful for cover comparisons, but it is also helpful in validating your business ideas, logos, and ad creatives. It helps you optimize your product listings, and much more.
I recommend using PickFu to improve your customer engagement and ultimately, your sales.
Dr. Paul KellerDr. Paul Keller, Author of the Financial Master Series
To be honest, I was *stunned* at the results of that poll. I really liked the cover image with the new picture, but the vast majority of people liked the original all-red one. Since the purpose of a cover is to grab eyeballs and interest shoppers to click, it really is a popularity contest. The majority ruled.
John DreeseAuthor of RED HOPE
PickFu makes it incredibly easy for authors to test their book covers and titles. You can get results quickly since PickFu has an established testing audience, and survey respondents need to say why they made the selection they did — this way, you’ll know they didn’t arbitrarily choose one design over the other.
BookBubUnbound eBook Marketing Blog
I have loved PickFu and recommended it to dozens of people already. I've used it to quickly iterate ideas and have some data to make decisions. I'm a huge fan and will definitely continue using it for various projects.
Tim GrahlAuthor & Book Marketing Consultant
Thank you for your vision and creating PickFu. As a businesswoman, financial coach, author and speaker, ​your company ROCKS! I write prolifically and need somewhere to go to get unbiased opinions from strangers that aren't just flaming my ideas because they had a bad day. It is the most helpful advice I can get when coming up with titles for books, headlines, and book covers. The diversity of the information and honest feedback is delightful. I've used the polls to help me narrow down a book title and soon I'll be using them to assist with my logo for my 8th business as well as the tag line for a new course I'm offering.
Janine BolonFinancial Coach & Author
I was very impressed with PickFu. There were things I didn't expect: (1) I could choose the gender and age group. (2) Your age groups match the age groups that my Scribe Content software uses. Great. (3) The responses included a reason. That alone is super valuable and gave me a few branding ideas including images and copy tone. (4) You also broke down the respondents by education and income level. Wow -- I didn't think $70 could by so much happiness. This was money sooooo well spent!
Dan CogginsPitchgreen
I wanted to know which book cover design would entice a potential reader to buy my book. With PickFu, the results were timely, but more importantly, the comments I received were so thoughtful. Everyone's response provided additional insight.
Andre HiotisAuthor
Wow - I am very impressed with your site. The speed and quality of the feedback I received on my poll was very impressive and extremely useful to me.
Rob McShaneThe Wayward Warrior