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Product Images

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Product Listings

Perfect your product listings.

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Current Ways To Test Market Your Ecommerce Products

Trust Your Gut

It's your baby. Which one feels right? Are you willing to invest your time and money into a purely gut decision?

Ask Friends & Family

Send an email to your friends and family with the different ecommerce products and ask for their feedback.

Buy Ads

Create a Google Ad or Facebook Ad for all the different ecommerce products and see which one has the highest click-through rate (CTR).

Or Use PickFu!

PickFu gets you the same quantitative and unbiased results as buying expensive ads, but much faster and without any of the hassle of trying to figure out how to setup the ads. As a bonus, you get written qualitative feedback you can use to further iterate on your ecommerce products.

Armed with this data, you will have the confidence to choose the best ecommerce product.




How PickFu Compares

Friends & Family
Buying Ads
Your Gut
Definitive Quantitative Result
Qualitative Actionable Feedback
Fast Turnaround
Unbiased & Anonymous
Large Representative Audience

Get 50 instant poll responses for $50.

Start uncovering actionable, audience-driven data today.

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Why use PickFu for your Ecommerce Business?

1-Minute Setup

Write one question and provide 1-8 options, and your ecommerce product poll is ready to go.

We Bring The Respondents

Our panel matches US demographics for balanced, unbiased results for your ecommerce product.

Quick Results in Minutes

Keep iterating on your ecommerce product throughout the day as you instantly get feedback you can use.

Audience Targeting

Target your poll to segments like Amazon Prime Members, Mobile Gamers, and more. Read more about Audience Segmentation.


Learn the why behind each response and make better ecommerce product decisions going forward.

Demographic Info

Slice and dice responses by age, gender, ethnicity, income, education.

Get 50 instant poll responses for $50.

Start uncovering actionable, audience-driven data today.

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Optimize Listing Images
Find the best main image for your product listings


Optimize Listing Titles
Increase conversions on search results and product listings


Competitive Testing of Search Results
Compare your search listings with category best sellers.


Choose Product Variations
Know what will sell (before selling it)


Feedback on Live Listings
Get ideas to improve existing listings


Pricing Surveys
Learn how much customers would pay


Test Store Trustworthiness
Do shoppers trust your store?

Ecommerce Sellers Testimonials

PickFu is like a real-life fortune teller. Just set up a test and it will predict the future for you, saving you a ton of money and aggravation in the process.
PickFu is an outstanding tool for Amazon sellers to quickly and easily split-test almost every aspect of their product and listing. A+
PickFu makes it easy for new entrepreneurs to execute the 'Lean Startup Method' - running quick tests to find which ideas will make the biggest splash. is where I go when I want to quickly split test Amazon product images to actual Amazon Prime customers, and know which images customers prefer, before I make my product listing live. I get results within 1 hour with detailed 'reasons why' they voted a certain way. This has the potential to save thousands of dollars in lost sales from choosing the wrong image.
PickFu is an easy and quick way to test market your new business ideas before committing valuable resources. It's also an affordable way to optimize your e-commerce marketing images and copy before buying ads!
I've used PickFu multiple times from testing logos to packaging and it's saved me from making poor branding decisions I thought would've worked, but the markets thought otherwise.

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Get 50 instant poll responses for $50.

Start uncovering actionable, audience-driven data today.

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Join the thousands of ecommerce sellers using PickFu to optimize their ecommerce products. Target audiences by amazon prime membership. Don't take our word for it — read their reviews of our ecommerce testing software or browse some real ecommerce polls. Learn how customers use PickFu for amazon split testing and product page optimization.