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Which rug design would shoppers purchase?

How do you choose which products to sell online? A good choice leads to profit; a bad one leads to a warehouse of unsold inventory. If you’re selling on a competitive marketplace like Amazon, choosing inventory is one of the most important decisions you need to make.

How to find products to sell

Finding products for your online store isn’t easy. Numerous online guides recommend browsing Best Sellers lists, focusing on enthusiastic hobbyists, and tracking trending products in e-commerce

After you’ve decided on a product idea, you still must choose from countless designs and variations from potential suppliers. That’s where a PickFu Ranked poll can help.

Once you’ve narrowed down potential product options, run a Ranked poll with your target audience. PickFu offers audience targeting that matches most major product categories, making it a must-have market research tool if you’re sourcing products for Amazon FBA or elsewhere.

A Ranked poll will reveal the preferences of your audiences, and their detailed written responses might give you other ideas, such as combining product features or modifying a design.

About this product design poll

This Ranked poll tested five video game-themed rug designs with a random audience of 50 U.S.-based respondents. Four designs are set at an angled view, while the fifth takes a bird’s-eye view.

Ranked polls use instant runoff voting to determine a majority winner. After 23 minutes and four rounds of voting, Option E was the clear winner. The design, a black rug with the words “Eat Sleep Play Repeat” in blocks of color, led every round of voting.

Respondents liked the tagline, bright colors, and clean (“not cringey”) design of Option E. Those who liked the other options mentioned their preference for gaming-related iconography and clever designs.

You could use the results of this poll to move forward with the winning rug design, or find and test variations that include other design details people liked. When testing multiple options in a Ranked poll, keep the view of the product and the background the same so that respondents focus solely on the differences in design.

Finally, when you’ve narrowed it down to two options, run a Head-To-Head poll with a larger targeted audience, for example, 200 or 500 Amazon Prime shoppers, to validate your design before moving to production.

Based on the design, which product would you rather buy?

50 people answered this 5 option Ranked poll in 23 minutes.

Selected responses:
Choice C is the one that I liked the best because I like the black and white design of it. It looks nice and simple color wise because of that. I like the logos to go with the wording as it adds some character to it and it makes it more fun. I also liked how it used a more generic controller as opposed to it being something associated with PlayStation. Choice D is second because I like how the colors look against the black background. It has a lot going on in it and comes off as being fun, colorful and frenzied. Choice E is third because the colors on it against the black are nice but I did not like the overt PlayStation connotations with the buttons. Choice A is fourth because it had that same issue plus I did not really like the ordinary people comparison that it was making. Choice B is last because I did not like the worn and dirty look that it had to it. It just did not really fit to me.
Options A and E are the most appealing to me because they utilize color in an interesting way, while still retaining a nice black balance in the background. Option A is especially cool in the way it is divided into halves. Option B is my least favorite because the bright yellow is just so stark; I would rather have something more subtle.
Wool is often considered the best choice for living room carpet , it is hardwearing qualities and softness underfoot . And the theme of the carpet is gamer . I love to play games , so I will definitely buy the one of these carpets . The option A was looking great , it will be very special to a gamer .

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