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Which game screenshots should I use in the App Store?

Use Click Tests to identify the best collateral for your App Store listing.

Please click on these screenshots in the order in which they get your attention and explain why.

50 people answered this 1 options Click Test poll in 36 minutes.

Selected responses:
I like number 1 because there is a tons going on in the background (with the ship, the stuff up to the right, and then to the left.) It gives me a sense that there is a ton you can do. Same with selection number 2, only this one displays the farming capabilities as well. The other two just display what I feel to be the basics.
The "highlighted" buildings definitely catch my attention. They make things seem more active and lively. It gives a sense of the construction in the game.
I like the one with the woman next to the farm the most because something about how the fruits are set up in the garden makes it seem like other games I have played before that were fun. The water by the house looks nice so I imagine that this game would be about farming and maybe exploring or somehow setting up the layout of the area around the farm as well. The one with the woman with the forest scene is second because that seems original than any games I have played before so it would be fun to try and see what all you have to do to explore the forest. It would be fun to go around in the forest and ancient sites and find fun treasures. It has a nice tropical look to it which would be nice because it would be very colorful. The one with the man and the "decorate island" part would be third because it would be fun to set up a tropical island. I like playing Sim City as a child so this would be kind of like that only with a tropical and beach theme to the environment you are in. The man with the "merge items" one is last because I don't really get what it means by "merge items". I picture is just being about what happens if you mix a blueberry bush and a banana tree on a farm, or something like that. The image next to the man makes it look like you are building a house, but I don't know what merging has to do with building.

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