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Which character design for my mobile strategy game is most engaging?

Test your character sketches with a target audience of gamers.

Please rank these character designs for a Viking-themed mobile strategy game from most to least appealing.

100 people answered this 3 option Ranked poll in 9 hours and 17 minutes.

Selected responses:
I think the forked beard, eyes, and bald head of the one I picked is the best combination of identifiable and whimsical, people would get attached to him. I feel similarly about the second, but not as much and I don't the image is quite as memorable. My third choice is just kind of flat and muddy, it's hard to even make out the face.
I think that Option B is the most unique. Option C seems a bit timid and Option A looks very confident, but Option B feels like a good combination of the two. He looks confident but somewhat gruff and slightly dim witted yet strong so this viking character feels like an individual. Option C has a more stereotypical viking hat which feels suitable for his timid nature made me like him a bit less. Option A doesn't have a weapon so that made it my least favorite choice of the three. Option B feels the most unique, whereas option C has a standard viking appearance and Option A felt a bit lacking overall in design (silhouette wise).
C is my top choice because the helmet makes the character most identifiable as a Viking. The cape is my next choice for a similar reason but isn't necessarily distinct among Vikings, and same for the character's beard type. B looks more like a caveman instead of a Viking and is weird in that the character wields a club, therefore it is my last choice.

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