Buy in bulk and save

Interested in running over $1,000 worth of PickFu polls? With prepaid credit, you can save up to 20%.

Discounts and more
In addition to discounts, prepaid credit lets you:

  • Reduce credit card transactions
  • Simplify expense reports and reimbursements
  • Start polls faster by skipping checkout
  • Ask follow-up questions to individual poll respondents

Prepaid credit options

Prepaid Amount Price Discount    
$1,000 $950 Save $50 5% off
$3,000 $2,790 Save $210 7% off
$5,000 $4,500 Save $500 10% off
$10,000 $8,500 Save $1,500 15% off
$30,000 $24,000 Save $6,000 20% off


What is prepaid credit?
Prepaid credit can be used to purchase polls on PickFu or ask individual follow-up questions. It cannot be applied to plan costs.
How does prepaid credit auto-reload work?
When you are purchasing prepaid credit, you have the option to set it to auto-reload prepaid credits if your prepaid balance falls too low. The default threshold is 10% of the prepaid amount you are purchasing (i.e. $100 threshold for $1000 prepaid credit). You will need to make sure to save your credit card on file for auto-reload to work.
Does prepaid credit expire?
Purchased prepaid credit does not expire. Credits earned through our Legacy membership plans expire 1 year from the purchase date. We'll use your oldest credits first and send you email reminders when they get close to expiration.
What else can I use prepaid credit for?
If you want to know more about a respondent's comment, you can ask a follow-up question to uncover more insight. Buy $25 in prepaid credit.

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