50% off Polling For Your Non-profit

Tight budgets mean that every touchpoint with supporters needs to be maximized. Polling your messaging helps you understand how language and imagery motivate action.

That's why PickFu provides a 50% discount on polls to non-educational organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Help your organization make an even bigger impact by honing your marketing and outreach. Apply for the PickFu non-profit discount today!


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How PickFu Helps Validate Your Idea

PickFu Examples and Use Cases

Before you sink costly resources into developing your idea, let PickFu's audience polls help you make data-driven decisions grow your non-profit intelligently.


Get feedback on mockups and design ideas before going live in front of your own audience.

Marketing Creatives

Test drive advertising copy, marketing slogans, and ad imagery across a diverse population.


See how your branding resonates with your potential audience.

PickFu Makes Idea Validation Easy & Quick


1-minute setup

Write one question and provide 1-8 options, and your poll starts collecting responses immediately


U.S.-based, unbiased respondents

Bring fresh eyes to your project from people who are eager to help


Results in minutes, not days

Keep your momentum going with feedback you can use right away


Target customer segments

Test with groups of Amazon Prime members, mobile gamers, fiction lovers, and other behavioral and psychographic segments


Useful written explanations

Learn the why behind each response to make better project decisions


Demographic info

Slice and dice responses by age, gender, ethnicity, income, education, geography and other audience segments

Non-profit Testimonials

PickFu polling has been great. It has come in handy several times and the speed of the responses helps us keep moving forward in a timely manner.
Josh HartmanFamilyLife, non-profit marriage and family counseling
Through PickFu, we were able to survey 50 respondents between the ages of 18 and 54 and ask whether, upon seeing our ad, they would text us if they were facing an issue at work. The results came in lightning fast—it took exactly 31 minutes.
Lauren BrisboEmpowerWork

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