Crowdsourcing your logo design is a GREAT idea!

BUT, how will you pick the best one?

Crowdsourcing services like 99designs, CrowdSpring and DesignCrowd will get you plenty of great design options.
The hard part is choosing the best logo... that's where PickFu comes in!

How Crowdsourcing A Logo Design Works

Step 1

Post your design specs to the community. Give the designers guidance on visual direction and imagery.

Step 2

Gather designs from hundreds of designers. The initial phase will have an overwhelming number of options.

Step 3

Give feedback to the designers going in the direction you like and keep iterating until you have a handful of finalists.

Step 4

Now that you've got a bunch of great options — choose the winner!

A Few Ways To Choose The Winner

(if you even have one)

Rotating listing variants takes too much time

Maybe you already A/B test your logos. But live tests take days (if not weeks) to collect data. And after all that time, the data is often inconclusive.

Buying ads costs too much money

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are expensive. They’re a hassle to manage, and at the end of the test, a click-through rate is the only real information you have.

Friends and family are too biased

You can get opinions from the people around you, but they’ll spare your feelings and tell you what you want to hear. Besides, are they even your target customer?

PickFu is a powerful alternative to what’s out there for sellers.

Using PickFu, you’ll get feedback quickly, affordably, and from the right group of people.

PickFu is lightning fast.

Most polls complete in about 15 minutes. Compare that to two weeks using Splitly or running a Facebook Ads campaign.

PickFu doesn’t cost much, but its insights are priceless.

Pay a flat fee rather than contending with unpredictable CPCs. Plus, by testing in a sandbox, you don’t run the risk of losing sales or harming your current search ranking. PickFu starts at only $50. Can you afford not to try it?

PickFu brings the right audience to you.

Get instant access to the people who matter to your business. Ask the advice of 50, 100, even 500 respondents, targeted by demographic and behavioral traits, such as Amazon Prime members. Each respondent comes to your product with a fresh perspective and contributes thoughtful written answers to your questions.

Start optimizing your business with audience-driven data today.

4 simple steps to useful market feedback

PickFu Makes It Easy & Quick


1-minute setup

Write one question and provide 1-8 options, and your poll starts collecting responses immediately


U.S.-based, unbiased respondents

Bring fresh eyes to your logo from people who are eager to help


Results in minutes, not days

Keep your momentum going with feedback you can use right away


Target customer segments

Test with groups of Amazon Prime members, mobile gamers, fiction lovers, and other behavioral and psychographic segments


Useful written explanations

Learn the why behind each response to make better logo decisions


Demographic info

Slice and dice responses by age, gender, ethnicity, income, education, geography and other audience segments